It can seem intimidating or even embarrassing to ask for an extension, but most professors are willing to hear you out. If you were given the assignment some time ago, the evidence needs to cover the period between being given the assignment and the deadline - if you've left it to the last minute, you're not going to have much credibility. Would it be possible to have an extension through the weekend, and turn it in on Monday instead of Friday? Good, that means … Feb 3, 2019 - Does your assignment extension excuse make the grade?

“My Dad’s in the hospital.” “I’ve been sick with the flu.” “My computer hard drive crashed.” How often do students offer truthful excuses? Extensions usually require proof from an independent third party, that something has happened to prevent you from delivering to the deadline. Shawn Kildea, an assistant professor of communication at Rider University, says that students can ask for an extension if they want to add a few elements to their project to improve it as a whole. Some years back a faculty member wrote in this newsletter that when students reported they were absent from class or late with a paper because a grandparent had died, she sent a sympathy card to the family. The study’s authors note that much attention is being paid to academic dishonesty involving cheating and plagiarism but almost no attention is being directed toward students who intentionally deceive their instructors about things such as missed deadlines. I have been travelling outdoors to meet up with sponsors and doing fundraising. “If they ask earlier, it shows that the assignment is on their minds, and whatever concerns or problems they are having seem more legitimate.”. (Describe your requirements). If your professor eats nails for breakfast, is tough as leather, and “hasn’t been able to love since ‘Nam,” then this is NOT what you want to use. You can say that you love their class and the subject. Article from Therefore the action doesn’t have many potential negative consequences, and that makes it easy for students to lie. In If you come to your teacher and say “Look,... 3. The full set of questions appears in the article. Article from 31 Best Assignment Extension Excuses (2020) February 2019. Reach out to your professor if you are genuinely in trouble and if there is a serious reason for your late submission, chances are that he may understand your point of view. Other than calling for more research exploring related questions, the authors don’t suggest much in the way of concrete solutions. Her writing has also been featured on the popular website, CollegeHumor. Outside of being a writer for Rider's on-campus newspaper and a personality on the school's television network, this Jersey Shore native writes for other online publications and her personal blog, JibJabble. There are several reasons why an extension of assignment email may be required. Students were about equally divided on whether they preferred delivering the message face-to-face or by email. There you have it, 5 great ways to get that extension your procrastinating ass so desperately needs. A recent study offers some empirical evidence that informs what we suspect about student excuses, or “fraudulent claims,” as they’re described in this research.

This is the perfect storm fro waking up Monday 8 a.m. and realizing you have a paper due in one hour. So go ahead, call up Apple, see what’s good on that warranty, and chuck that bad boy down the stairs. Students in the study (319 of them, pretty evenly distributed from first year to senior) were presented with the following scenario: “It is a Monday morning at 10 am and Alex has an assignment due in a 300-level major’s course. Our editorial content is not influenced by any commissions we receive. Nothing says “Sorry I couldn’t finish that paper detailing the socio-economic situation of Greece last night, can I have a bit more time?” like having grandma fictitiously pass away by leaving the oven on for too long, which ignites what would have been some delicious ham, and sent grandma to a better place in a blaze of glory. For one group of students the X% of the final grade was 5, and for a second group it was 40. (Describe your requirements). 31 Best Assignment Extension Excuses (2020) 1. © 2020 Faculty Focus | Higher Ed Teaching & Learning - All Rights Reserved. This extension excuse gets points for honesty. “I always tell my students that I almost never grant a last-minute extension request,” says Barry Janes, a communications professor at Rider University. Pulling an all-nighter isn’t healthy, so instead of trying to get things done all at once, maybe it’s best to ask for an extension on an assignment. Maybe you’re trying to spice up your project so it’s the best it can be! Because no professor in their right mind will ask for proof that your grandmother is indeed 6 feet under instead of shriveling up in the Florida sun. Share ; Tweet; College can be stressful, with the work stacking up, social engagements running amuck, and you are most likely kind of a lazy piece of shit.

Extensions can be beneficial and at times necessary for collegiettes to perform their absolute best, so here are a few tips for when you’re looking to ask for an extension. Be polite, explain that you're requesting an extension, give your reason why, and offer your proposed new deadline. College can be stressful, with the work stacking up, social engagements running amuck, and you are most likely kind of a lazy piece of shit. Please let me know if you would like me to meet with you during your office hours to discuss this further.

In return for accepting late submission, they may ask you to add more elements to the analysis and increase the depth of the assignment by adding relevant research. The worst that your professor can say is that you can’t have an extension, but it’s worth a try! And if you’re going to lie about one dying, you already booked your ticket to hell, so now get your money’s worth.

Asking politely and promptly just might attract your professor's compassion. Adjudicating student excuses does take the wisdom of Solomon and more time and creativity than most teachers have.

I write this letter with great guilt that I have missed the deadline for submitting the assignment. You can highlight to him the earlier situations in which you have done good work in his class and that this assignment is the only outlier. Sample Request Letter for Extension of Time for Assignment, [Below briefly describe on Sample Request Letter for Extension of Time for Assignment. It’s no fun to burn out and exhaust yourself mentally as you try to get all of your work done at the end of the semester. Actually, due to a wedding of a very close relative in my family, I was out of the station and with all the planning and arrangement could not really find time to work on the pending assignment.

If they indicated they would make up an excuse, they were shown a set of common ones and asked to rate how likely they thought the instructor would be to believe each of the excuses. Length of Extensions. Still not sure what to say? Your Team Members screwed you Over in a Group Assessment. 1. Why you may ask? Below are some examples of such circumstances: •Acute illness within 1 week of the deadline. Please get back to me whenever it is convenient for you. Assignment extensions? There is an element of truth in what you're saying. Excuse 5: My Computer Committed SeppukuThis one’s even more extreme than grandma passing. Before you actually ask your professor, read over the class syllabus and any other course policies. Her dream in life is to become a comedy writer for television, and to one day have the chance to have her own late night show.