Put the desired amount of beeswax into the wax cup. Place the weight at its designated... 2. This will cause the strip to tip toward the wax side. Set up the system with empty containers at the “Oil” and “Wax” positions. The mixutre has to remain warm in order to keep it from solidifying. 3. In order to apply the finish it should be warm, I have used a cotton cloth, a small brush, and/or my bare hands. Wood Butter- 8 ounces - Butcher Blocks, Cutting Boards, and Utensils - Naturally Prevents Bacteria Gr… Add the mineral oil and stir for a bit. I want to make something that gives the sheen of oil but the protection of a wax.For these waxes I'm experimenting with different ratios… It will feel like a soft candle as it cools. The beeswax will melt VERY fast. DIY: Beeswax and Oil Wood Finish Experiments : This 'ible is the process of creating my own DIY beeswax wood finishes, and then testing each of those finishes. 1.