To delete a drop-down list, see Remove a drop-down list. An approval of the CCCP sector in DED is required. Dubai DED registration procedures are mentioned in previous answers. Having a license whose activity is organizing and managing exhibitions. To access online services, you need a user account. The number of licenses per one location depends on the total area of the location considering one license per 200 feet. As for the medium and large campaigns, the maximum period is two months but can be extended in exceptio. Yes after paying the due fees which are 500 AED. According to the procedures of the Ministry of human resources &emiratisation. Yes, the amendment can be done after paying the 500 AED due fees. Check with roads &transport authority RTA. For example, you might want to check to see if Change the column width and row height to show all your entries. Yes, but only in limited cases. Yes, but the fees are doubled for every two months. Providing an appendix of the Memorandum of Association and a certificate of authenticity of the lease contract issued from the Real Estate Regulatory Agency. The Board of Directors’ decision to open a branch and to appoint a director and a copy of the Memorandum of Association and the Commercial Register which should be duly certified by the UAE Ministry o incorporated. If it’s activity is a representative office or an indirect commercial activity. The private joint-stock company doesn’t include less than 3 founders. Yes, after obtaining the hotel approval and a permit from Dubai DED. After that the employee or the client finishes the linking process. Unlock specific areas of a protected workbook or stop sharing the worksheet, and then try step 3 again. To delete a drop-down list, see Remove a drop-down list. On the Data tab, click Data Validation or Validate, and then click the Error Alert tab. Want to be walked through this process? No, representative offices can’t practice any commercial activity through commercial permits. It is not allowed however a permit can be issued from Dubai DED to deliver food to homes or directly to their owners. The same usual conditions in addition to paying 15000 AED. Obtaining an approval from the embassy of the concerned country. If it was owned by UAE nationals or gulf nationals by a rate that is not less than 51%. Dubai DED has organized the extra working hours according to the activities.Coffee shops shall operate till 2:00 am only, whereas grocery stores, restaurants, and cafeterias can be granted a permit to operate till 3:00 am if they were located inthe main road and not in residential areas. No, there are no branches of Dubai DED however customers can avail DED’s business registration and licensing services through many approved service centers across Dubai. The awards are returned to Dubai DED after 60 days of the draw date. Professional activities are the activities that depend on mental and physical effort to be practiced. No, the signboard can’t be moved to the new store location due to difference in measurements or in the building shape, thus the old permit shall be cancelled and anew design fitting the new front and the other signboards shall be created. Go to the Data tab on the Ribbon, then click Data Validation. Submitting schemes for the site showing the number and the distribution of offices until the allowed number of establishments that can be registered in the site is determined by the commercial register sector article. Yes after obtaining the necessary permit and the approval of the mall’s administration. Planning a new training program? They include wholesale and retail trade, construction, transportation, stockpiling, communication, financial intermediation, real estate. Try our new online tutorial for drop-down lists (beta). Providing a letter from the company or the institution requesting to stop the licensing, Providing a letter from the Ministry of Labor indicating the absence of sponsored, Assign a specialized advertising company licensed by Dubai DED to design the, Present a photographic image of the building or property where the advertisement will be. The real cost in special offers doesn’t need to be mentioned in the price list and the price tags include one price only which is the special offer price unlike the discountwhere the real cost is mentioned. For more information about workbook protection, see Protect a workbook. They include manufacturing, mining, quarrying, electricity, gas, and water. No, Dubai DED publications law obliges the organizer to print the ads in both English and Arabic language and to add the consumer logo as well. You can follow along, or create your own data validation scenarios. The dialog box minimizes to make the sheet easier to see. Homes, putting them on the glass of the cars, posting on the walls, and distributing them to people on streets. Yes as long as the partners are nationals. If the list of entries for your drop-down list is on another worksheet and you want to prevent users from seeing it or making changes, consider hiding and protecting that worksheet. According to the proceedings of the security bodies. Filling a registration and license application form and reserving a trade name. If the list of entries for your drop-down list is on another worksheet and you want to prevent users from seeing it or making changes, consider hiding and protecting that worksheet. Click in the Source box, and then on your sheet, select your list of valid entries. List your warmup, strength and cardio activities, and goals on your workout plan template, then track your progress by week. Depends on the approval of the inspection division in DED. Yes, customers can submit any suggestion through If you want a message to pop up when someone enters something that's not in your list, check the Show Alert checkbox, pick an option in Type, and type a title and message. These offers can’t be organized if the commercial license is not valid. Yes, the license holder can introduce his products only in the exhibition. No, the current system of the computer doesn’t accept expired licenses. This is because many unforeseen circumstances can come or we might forget all the tasks which we have to do for the day. with an approval from Minister of Health & Prevention. Get help managing your holiday with our planning and tracking templates. If you already made a table with the drop-down entries, click in the Source box, and then click and drag the cells that contain those entries. The trade of the various kinds of goods and products that are mentioned in full details in the trade category of the activity classification guidebook can be practiced except those that need an approval from other specialized authorities. Yes, after notifying Dubai DED with an official letter and obtaining its approval.