I would call this more of a classic boogie-woogie style to be more accurate. If you're amazingly extra awesome, you'll be able to sing the melody and make a bass line at the same time. Made Easy, Common Jimmy Thunder

Simple Walking Bass Line For Jazz Beginners, Walking Bass Lines – Using Chord Tones: Fly Me To The Moon, Top 5 Awesome Beatles Bass Riffs (Tabs and Tutorial), Pentatonic Bass Runs Over The ENTIRE Fretboard (Lesson & Tab), How To Play The Van Halen Mean Street Intro… ON BASS! There are so many variations of the blues but let’s focus, for now, on one thing and you can diversify from there. In this lesson I’m providing you with a simple walking bass line through a […] Just wanted you to know. The Blues Bass Lines Package by Russ Rodgers is a collection of downloadable video lessons for bass guitar. Kit. Made Easy, Common The first step in learning to play the blues is getting comfortable with where the chords change. Exercises, Learn

Did not play for 35 years. Need more, this site seems to have it!

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