based white. Recently i made a few raw canvases myself, n i used good quality “white acrylic house paint” for the gesso substitute. When aluminum stearate was first introduced to artists’ paints is not known, but it is directly mentioned in a 1942 painting materials review (Gettens and Stout 1942) and in a paper by Levison in 1949 when he wrote “...the use of aluminum stearate, customary for several decades, was openly declared...” (Levison 1949), In addition to aluminum stearate, several other stearates, such as magnesium, were introduced into many brands of commercial oil paints later in the century. This white became very popular in 1840, when a zinc paint was invented, a strong competitor with a zinc white. :), Thanks Yeside, you might find this video on mixing pinks helpful. Great to hear from you all the way from Fiji! ~Susan p.s. Lots of artists have moved away from using Zinc White all together and many ranges have started to remove it from other colours and their range. Nowadays, there is less need for a zinc white among (amateurs) artists, because an experienced artist knows and skilfully exploits a specific function of zinc white. Mecklenburg, Marion F.; Charles S. Tumosa and David Erhardt (2005) “The Changing Mechanical Properties of Aging Oil Paints,” Material Research Society Symposium Proceedings, Vol. There are many types of paintings and projects you can create with classic oil paints including portraits, landscapes, abstract designs, and crafts with kids. You are making a difference in our world with your generous spirit! Also, what do you think about the use of gesso used in place of white? But the surface is too slippery! of it. I recently did a cruise on the Ventura and attended a few art seminars. Great service. For example, Rublev Colours Vermilion is not hue, but the pigment—pure red mercuric sulfide. Many of these changes have brought about greater efficiency for manufacturers, but at what cost to artists? The name “zinc white” speaks for itself: zinc oxide is added. In the video below I demonstrate with a cross-section of whites so we can compare the similarities and differences. I really wish they would get rid of cheaper brands …, I am sure there are many who start out and give up due to struggling with how flat they dry with a different hue . It has a matt velvety opaque finish that appeals to some artists. Your videos are clear, well demonstrated and useful. It combines the hiding power of Titanium and the clean tinting properties of Zinc, however, I found when testing it that it seemed surprisingly warm but maybe this is due to the linseed binder (again Williamsburg provide a safflower version). It answered a lot of my ‘mixing’ questions!! You’re welcome Elsie, yes some of the colour shift from more affordable paints can be quite dramatic, hope you get some good results with your new colours. Cheers, Will, Thanks, Will. These additives give the Gouache a matt, chalky appearance. Aluminum stearate, a metallic soap, was found to be particularly effective in mitigating this tendency for pigment and oil to separate. Monika, My pleasure Monika, pleased you found it helpful. "I have been a loyal has been a 15 year relationship now. And, what kind of paper did you place over the wet paper in the box palette. Plug for Golden Paints: It is the only acrylic paint I will use. Need to check them out for cost, etc. Hi Susan, nice to hear from you, titanium dioxide is the most opaque white for painting with, you could try using a zinc white in your mixes but this will be much more subtle as it is a more transparent pigment. Cheers, Will, Hello will, Thank you for the latest video. I really enjoyed the visuals and to actually know the brands you were using was also very helpful. Good comments on the non use of white in watercolor painting. This has caused a problem for artists looking for a colder white with transparent qualities, Williamsburg Porcelain White could be used as a replacement for artists seeking these working qualities from a paint. Not only are you an amazing artist and teacher, but also a kind and generous man.