"Just a little bit of Brightland oil with salt and everything tastes better! The last email I got from my pastured meat provider included an article that decried all the “fake” olive oil that is being sold in America – and then tried to sell some “small batch, stone ground, fresh” olive oil for something around $25 for 10 oz. Its a freaking shame that we have to go to these lengths to know whet we are eating!!

Like I said, it tastes great. What about for those of us who can only stand the flavor of “light tasting” olive oil? Best thing you can do is follow the recommendations above. How timely! Looked up the website, and they even have information on the polyphenol content. I mean.. shouldn’t companies be put out of business if they’re caught being blatantly dishonest to their customers? 115 Reviews | Write a Review | 3 & 5 In Stock . But at least all the shops that VF supplies are instructed in how to interpret the chemical test results and they are encouraged to post the info online or in store. Before settling it can be almost bitter. Any recommendations on where to get seedlings and a press? Store away from heat and light.

Then throw in some herbs, a clove of garlic, some peppercorns, and a little salt. I can’t say I’m surprised, but it’s getting ridiculous when even olive oil is getting compromised.

All of the best oils I have had have always been small batch, locally produced oils. Better recipe is 3 parts oil to 1 part vinegar. The Mini Essentials include Brightland’s bestsellers - AWAKE, ALIVE, RAPTURE and PARASOL - in petite sizes. I wish olive oil tastes as good on my fingers as it does on a crusty hard baguette. So what are you supposed to do? Each year, every COOC member who produces a California extra virgin olive oil is required to submit samples to ensure the oil qualifies to display the COOC Seal of Certification.

I’m pretty sure they have a website you can order from. However, discrepancies do occur from time to time. iHerb.com I use Spectrum and it solidifies and leaves a slight kick at the end. If the olive burns the back of your throat its pure? The best EVOO I’ve had is from Kasandrinos Imports- they bring it to the US directly from Greece, pure and unadulterated. The doctor even recominded it for a lice treatment. This is an awesome post. the link below dismays the myth that evoo shoukd be solid in fridge. hi bruno – yes they should but do you realize that we have just experienced the most massive, and literally tsunami-like bank scandal in history (libor) and basically no one of any consequence is going down for it (or will…) now will anything of consequence change how the banks operate. It usually means it is a refined oil. Sure, I’ve made some good, affordable finds at Trader Joe’s in my day (including a $15 a liter bottle of spicy, unfiltered to the point of clogging the spout, lime green EVOO from Italy that appeared on the shelves for a month or two last year only to disappear before I could grab another bottle), but generally, I’ve gotten what I’ve paid for. Sadly, no domestic ones here in the great white north…. The stuff is naturally oily.

This single varietal oil showcases the flavor profile of Arbosana olives. Is there any info on whether this is likely to be adulterated? I just discovered that my unbrand Italian oil which I assumed would be junk after reading this post has a total polyphenol kick when tasted. They have numerous varietals from Spain, Italy, Chile, and elsewhere, as well as tons of flavors.