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Electrocution risk 10 out 10. Now I hear banging and a radiator leaked. Still have questions?

0000007257 00000 n %%EOF The reason for the heating up of the cords are obvious and now that this has happened, just remember no extension cords on appliances!

0000052302 00000 n 0000033980 00000 n Buy yourself what is called an 'Appliance Extension Cord'. Longer cords can still heat up a bit. `�g�/V�����X��uۯ�j�7�2�i���+��yƶi�7^G�����P„��x�Lq��7��=/?k����v�|�@؊֯�?^_��/���?�AE�a9�a��V0���3����jo���{_�l�v���A� aL X�)U�/ֺG�I�yT ��G=�:8�yI�%���~F��1���4f$F_?�+�p �F+�Jp��{��"�6�)(��+n�[+@q� 0000233832 00000 n

0000192067 00000 n If you use an extension cord and especially one with smaller diameter wires this will cause the unit to operate with less electric current. 0000032257 00000 n How do you think about the answers?

0000086434 00000 n Ëi$R˜Ágz™™+�Uv»œB’k³_™1³@@tá£6%ΆDZ@•¹ÇÛd¼¦�T What the hell? The whole cord itself was hot as well.

Get your answers by asking now. 0000192147 00000 n Most times, the circuit breaker will trip long before that happens, unless you ran the cord under a rug or carpet.

No, you didn't come close to burning your house down. 0000036437 00000 n 0000201754 00000 n

<]/Prev 452810>> It is made exactly for the purpose you needed. Your extension cord was either underrated or the connections were corroded giving too much resistance in the connection. 0000011372 00000 n �?�VT�, 0000038604 00000 n What would cause a high pitched ringing coming from inside my chimney? 0000002600 00000 n 0000197907 00000 n 93 0 obj <>stream There is also a warning on your fryer that ask you not to use extension cords with this appliance. 0000002039 00000 n 0000191885 00000 n �-�$�J�V&^_�X��dJPJ�!~(�����.D��F��p�HO�"6�>T��o/�K1>H����MceM��&GGaD��@*H�$�j�����^7o���[�sc�����]�Jʧ��m�����|3īz^;�o, Your extension is probably only 5 or 10 amps so totally unsuitable for the fryer. Pat your food dry.

A deep fryer requires quite a bit of current so it needs a heavy cord - better to go too heavy than too light.

0000033018 00000 n 0000037521 00000 n 0000201001 00000 n 0 0000052451 00000 n If you have to use an extension cord make sure it is heavy enough for the job. 0000026630 00000 n

Wet or moist food will cause the oil to bubble and spit, potentially burning you. The magnetic cord may not detach easily if the cord is positioned in this fashion. Your fryer could be 3 kw or 12 amps check the rating label on it to find out. 0000052371 00000 n 0000197575 00000 n my kitchen ceiling light says 60 watts max....i have a bulb that says 120vac 60hz   is this ok? 0000016666 00000 n 0000000016 00000 n Rğ�cà^ç 34 0 obj <> endobj 34 60

]ïçûS:óï?ïctÅòyML{íâmlÚ85Ã9f›Uzmİæ-½¶Yºÿ®?—. ��&}Z�G�� N\AL�&N������:2�֟��/��_�������ƫ� � w��(�@̜�J����4�X�Y� aja?y{��9���9�h�^����Q4��O���F�_�@��;_n e�|��V�.��-.Q&�f�֧E�q��os�A��̏�g����2�����T�D���7Mo=D�bW���C�E(�@`{�Cq�C!�:h�%#t^iǷ*A��yX�a��A 0000001940 00000 n The knob is too rusted to unscrew and replace?

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• Serious hot-oil burns may result from a deep-fat fryer being pulled off a countertop. 0000035035 00000 n 0000195611 00000 n

0000001496 00000 n 0000191224 00000 n 0000202678 00000 n It should be operated on an electrical circuit that is …


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The end where you plug **** in was so hot, it was almost melting, and the plug that goes in the wall was so hot, I burned my finger when i touched it. [s ����Ԃ���뇅_>,�G�����]~Xl�t�ЫA'�ٽ��C�o����Rh��K9�M�mx��[��sJǶz+����^}��������?��޼���{�.��`(Ieu������b������o���+F��q�����t"�;��H���F��'/`H+\w1D_��u�y�쉷��r��Ѿ'������u�����}�^\p���Z�㐒Bk�m��mgH8!����=v�oل��]���[ry]�����o%#���~�Or�ӥ�'��fyM�QZ/= �9Ĝ���CM�����->�!X�ZG�� 3������v�=x���s����g\�ʻ�ad=LE������JZ�2Š��~\��v��^�0%1�GxzP �j��'�ǐ��:�\x�1 �K��J��ƪ��7�Nёx��;���0�4�>�9t��|Qr��.���}y��n��и�"Q�!����\�ֵ�K�diJ�Kx��TQ��$���aL�`ihL@�1$Ⱦ>M��M۩��闂S��*N�n�4���F�u���J�cjmڑ�2V� ���qJ� ���Z���K����s���~yܡ�)���� Was I a milimetre away from burning my house down? You want the shortest one you can comfortably use.

0000002635 00000 n 0000195344 00000 n [this extention cord was so old, the plugs wern't polarized, so i just forced the deep fryer plug in with a hammer]. I used an extention cord for my deep fryer before and this never happened. Cowboys strength coach Markus Paul dies at 54, Ken Jennings called out for past insensitive tweets, Girl that was handcuffed by police at 11 is dead at 14, Crucial new data on the efficacy of cloth masks, How sleep habits may cut your risk of heart failure: Study, CDC to shorten quarantine for those exposed to virus, New stimulus checks may not boost economy, 'Saved By the Bell' star explains famous caffeine pill scene, History hasn't been kind to fighters on comeback trail, Obama crushed by Colbert in 'waste basket-ball', Women raise voices amid increase in domestic violence,, �u�\��������HP�gl� {DXOoҖ@�V&� �$����&(��Kd��,���E�Œ[��1�M����ɕ��?�ߌ'�eŲDz�t̛X�3���&���T4(����P_ �!�jc��m�͕3���0J3r2�f�gtf�gd��a(G[E�gq �� uot 0000085760 00000 n 0000201339 00000 n

trailer Do NoT USe WITh AN eXTeNSIoN CoRD. Why is my house keeping warm without the heater on? 0000032118 00000 n Fire risk 10 out of 10. You should always only plug these in using the fitted cable only and not an extention.

You can sign in to vote the answer. Small appliances irons kettles toasters are not necessarily 'small' when it comes to the electrical load. Your extension cord was either underrated or the connections were corroded giving too much resistance in the connection. 0000033426 00000 n 0000034427 00000 n Do not allow the cord to run underneath or around the unit. 0000038003 00000 n 0000002748 00000 n I just paid $1000 to replace 3 parts in boiler. 0000032557 00000 n What do I do with my burnt out fluorescent bulbs? 0000021453 00000 n