- Types - Components & Construction Guide, Environment Health and Safety(EHS) Management - Important Guidelines, Industrial Projects in India - Examples and Basic Construction, Bentonite Uses in Piling - Bentonite Slurry Preparation and Recycling, Properties of Concrete - Introduction to Good Concrete Practice at…, Subgrade - Steps for Preparation of Subgrade. It gives an offer to obtain services or goods. It will polish your knowledge regarding some of the basic questions on civil engineering. Water tightness is the most important parameter to be preserved in designing and construction …, Chemical anchoring is used for structural works, mechanical and electrical services installations and also for metal works and carpentry works. basement The vermiculite spray is often used as fireproofing for internal and …, Water tightness is the main parameter in the construction of water retaining structures. Nowadays, we are using various costly equipment, so that we can efficiently manage our construction planning to reduce project time and cost.

The significant technical and financial risks for many civil engineering works lying in the ground. Geotechnical Engineering is the branch of civil engineering that deals with soil, rock, and underground water, and their relation to the design construction and operation of engineering projects. This course is intended […] Generally, a Bridge project consists of a new bridge across the waterway, canal or valley including all civil works such as approach viaduct, directional ramps, service roads, ROB, Underpasses, Culverts, RUBs, Retaining walls, Toll Plaza, lighting, signage etc. Basic things you should know about tender documents – Part 01 Specifications Specification is one of the vital document needed for bidding process. In this section, a general guideline of the inspection and maintenances of each component of the bridge and its approaches after inspecting the defects, framing maintenance criteria based on design and construction sequence adopted. Types of Estimate – Types of estimates that prepared on various stages of a project. other construction and related activities, 4 Important Bentonite Test for Piling - Equipment & Procedure, Defects in Concrete, their prevention and repair, Factors affecting Strength variation of concrete, Properties of Concrete – Introduction to Good Concrete Practice at Site, Concreting in Construction – Planning and Execution, Construction of Pile Foundation by Direct Mud Circulation(DMC) method, Construction of Mastic Asphalt for Roads and bridges, Road Construction Materials – Test Frequency and Acceptance Criteria, Subgrade – Steps for Preparation of Subgrade, Site Clearance – Clearing and Grubbing for Highway Construction, Embankment Meaning – Construction – Quality Control, Wet Mix Macadam Construction and Quality Control, Rusting of Iron Rebar in Concrete - Special Repairing, Bridge Maintenance Planning and Procedure, Bridge Inspection Procedure – General Guide, Non Destructive Testing Methods – Bridge Inspection and Maintenance, Inspection Types for Structure- Objectives and Guidelines, Defects in Concrete Structure – Types – Causes and Condition Survey, RE Wall Construction - Important Guidelines, Standard Penetration Test for Sub surface exploration, Methods of Soil Exploration for the study of soil properties, Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory Tests on soil, Geotechnical Investigation Objectives and Guidelines, Foundations Types – Geotechnical Engineering Assessment, Crane Lifting Safety Procedure- Hazards & Control Measures, What is Integrated Steel Plant?

In building construction sites, chemical anchoring plays a major …, The general practice, in case, the length of the stocked rebars is not enough for the full length of the elements, lapping is required to join the bar lengths’ …, The structural elements in the buildings are having the internal forces namely compression, tension, bending moments and torsion. Students appearing for interviews for civil engineers. - Steel Production Process, What is Thermal Power Plant? The book is written in very simple English and is very handy for students to learn civil engineering. 19. It is essential to investigate the geological and geotechnical conditions of any site to produce a meaningful risk assessment and report on the proposals for civil engineering and building foundations.

If you have any questions, thoughts, suggestions or feedback then please feel free to drop me a line. Based on the design and construction criteria, a Project-specific maintenance manual shall be adopted during the operation period for preserving the huge investment and environment and also to ensure safe traffic management in line with respective codal guideline. This section describes the acceptance criteria, components of road Structure and brief details of road construction methodology as per standard technical specification and guideline. However, there are things that are not taught at the engineering college but are useful in professional life. How to Speed up to Slow down the Lecture speed? This section describes the acceptance criteria, brief details of various components and parts of a bridge and other structure, construction methodology following the guidelines and procedure as per construction supervision Manual adopted in the different type of structures of the project.

They used a pre-fabricated steel structure, into which they slotted prefab floor slabs that were factory finished with tiles above, and false ceilings and lighting below, and bolted in place and 'plugged in' at site. Basic civil construction often involves structures like city halls or public libraries, but the heavy civil sector takes design and construction to another level. It describes dimensions, properties of materials …, Tender It refers to the submission given as a reply for an invitation by a potential contractor or vendor. , Basics of Civil Engineering in Construction, 8. Although …, How to select a contractor ? ... Water tightness is the main parameter in the construction of water retaining structures. The locations of construction joints are the critical feature that challenging the water tightness in practical …, The concrete structures that retaining water inside or outside is considered as water retaining structures.

Engineering students about to complete their course. Basic things you should know about tender documents – Part 01 Specifications Specification is one of the vital document needed for bidding process. This course will keep on expanding as I will keep on adding the lectures.

This vital sector of transportation is indeed the backbone not only for the development of a country but also it’s economy. Description We spend four years at engineering college and learn many things. We spend four years at engineering college and learn many things. This particular book with title “Basic Civil Engineering” covers all the basic definitions, terminologies and everything related to civil engineering. This course is intended for civil engineering students who are about to complete their engineering courses and fresh civil engineering graduates who are about to seek a job. Engineering graduates who are seeking a job. How Much Does a Basement Cost – 6 Different Types of Basement Costs. Insanity : doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Types of Bridges Based on Span, Materials, Structural Arrangement etc. This course is intended to cover the void that remains even after four years of engineering. The information provided by us on www.constructioncivil.com is for educational or general informational purposes only. Engineering students appearing for placement interviews. Amazing time-lapse video of construction of a 30-storey building in 15 days by the Broad Group of China. Basic Civil Engineering by S.S.Bhavikatti - civilenggforall However, we make no representation or guarantee of any kind, express or implied, regarding the accuracy, adequacy, validity, reliability, availability or completeness of any information on the Site. Popular Posts. The surface transport is the oldest and perhaps most widely adopted mode of transport by Mankind.