If you have multiple network connections on the PC, the software may not be able to automatically choose the one which the WiFi Sensors are connected to – see below for more information. The RF313-TH Diligence WiFi Temperature and Humidity Data Logger measures the temperature and humidity of the local environment with its integral sensor. When configured, the data logger can operate for up to six months*. This is in order to recover from the situation where the IP address of the sensor may have changed.

Press and hold the button for 20 seconds. When using the Comark Cloud service the sensors and the PC do not need to be on the same network but both require an internet connection during setup. For example, if you want to change the key combination to Ctrl+Alt+Z, select the Shortcut Key field and press all three keys at the same time. Remember, you will receive alarm notifications immediately, regardless of your Transmission Rate setting. Find a link to it in your Start menu. You should perform a Factory Reset prior to shipping the Sensor or before storage. Online converters are available. Check your access point configuration. Download the zip file to a known location on your PC. This knowledge base article refers to the Comark Diligence WiFi Software. The N2014 Multi-Sensor Temperature Data Logger allows you to monitor temperature at up to three different points, with a wide variety of probes making it suitable for applications across food, pharmaceuticals and healthcare. The following range of Humidity Data Loggers represent those that have been selected as being suitable for use in Humidity Measurement applications. do I allow the RF300 Diligence WiFi Sensor Software to communicate through my PC firewall? Guest networks will also prevent communication with other devices on the same network. Comark’s Diligence EV range of data loggers provides a complete solution for the measurement of temperature, humidity or mA current. Requires WEP passkey in hexadecimal rather than ASCII passphrase. Do not exceed the acceptable storage temperature range of -20 to +30°C. Enter the MAC Address of the access point you want to lock the sensor to. The EVT2 Multi-Use Temperature Logger is compact and easy to use, It provides the most cost effective transport logging solution over any distance, from local to international deliveries. This may cause the WiFi Devices to lose connection. When you want to use your WiFi Device again, use the WiFi Sensor Software to connect it to a wireless network and set it up. To perform a Restart on an RF313-TH Data Logger, To perform a Restart on all other RF31x Data Loggers (RF311-T, RF313-TP, RF314-TC). In order to set up the WiFi Sensors on the Cloud, both the PC Software and the Sensors require an internet connection. Check that password being entered is correct – don’t forget it is case sensitive. You can download a copy of this information by clicking here.

This option is found on the Advance Network Configuration screen. If the Firewall is configured to allow unrestricted outbound traffic, it should not cause any issues. Most domestic routers do not have restrictions on outbound TCP connections but corporate networks may require an exception in the router/firewall. It can also be permanently powered by a USB wall adapter or USB battery pack. Windows Vista and XP may differ. Some corporate firewalls are configured to only allow traffic from known or authenticated clients, eg using Windows Domain Login. In the event that the WiFi Device loses connection with the PC software it uses UDP broadcast packets to attempt to discover this. For more information on Battery and WiFi Considerations please read our Product Information Bulletin for RF300. Ensure MAC address filtering on the access point or router is either disabled or the WiFi Device is in the allowed list. If possible disconnect any networks other than the one which the WiFi Device is connected to. Choose the Settings menu option on the control panel and click Configure in the Smart Firewall menu tab. See the table below. Refer to Help ‘. do I open the ports required by the RF300 Diligence WiFi Sensor Software? The battery life of the sensor is dependent on use. If storing your sensors, do not exceed the acceptable storage temperature range of -20 to +30°C and maintain a 40-50% charge. However you may be instructed to do this by our support team to recover a Device which is not working properly, or return it to its factory state. Follow the same rules for UDP ports 1024 and 8010. How do the RF300 Diligence WiFi Sensor Products communicate on the network and what firewall settings may be required?

Most domestic internet routers do not have restrictions on outbound TCP connections by default. Data is transmitted wirelessly via your WiFi network to the Comark Cloud. Scroll to the security level (High or Medium) to which you want to add ports. a program or feature through Windows Firewall. Change the COM port number. How long will a fully charged battery last in my RF300 Diligence WiFi sensor? It will need to be given an IP address that is in the same range as the WiFi Sensors. Select the desired port type: incoming UDP, outgoing UDP, incoming TCP, or outgoing TCP. Generic (applies to both Cloud and PC connected WiFi Devices). The WiFi Sensors communicate with the Cloud using TCP port 14354. To ensure optimal battery life we recommend that wherever possible, a wireless connection to the host is permanently maintained. Resource limitations on the PC running the WiFi Sensor Software may cause the processing of messages from the WiFi Devices to take an excessive amount of time. To perform a Factory Reset on an RF313-TH Data Logger, To perform a Factory Reset on all other RF31x Data Loggers (RF311-T, RF313-TP, RF314-TC), To perform a Factory Reset on the RF324 Alarm.