Closure/Summary:In closing, the students will review what an adjective is as well as what they five senses are. Lesson Plan : Descriptive Writing. Lesson Plan : Descriptive Writing.

Divide into groups of 4, (ask them to do it themselves- they have 1 minute to do it) and then hand out a picture to each group. Now ask students to describe There are four types of (this will not be mentioned yet), Pre-assessment/Starter activity ( an audio used for auditory learners, allows for visual learners to imagine). 11 0 obj

etc.). Each team member should have the chance to use their sense on the object in the bag or box and contribute to an adjective list that the group comes up with to describe what they discovered through their sense.13. Roald Dahl's, "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". paragraph. Students are asked to use both their creativity and their technical writing skills in order to write descriptive sentences, paragraphs, and even essays.

pencil boxes/lunch boxes/water bottles (whatever they have, it’s place or object appears. Play the sound of sea waves. (this will not be mentioned yet). What are the different parts of a paragraph? Once the students understand the importance of using the five senses in conjunction with adjectives, explain to them that they are going to now do an activity using their senses. They really help her to apply descriptive writing techniques in her own writing. Descriptive Writing. Extension IdeasExtension Ideas:: This activity could be extended upon to allow students to do descriptive writing over other items that don't necessarily appeal to all of the sense like chocolate does. TheMaster TeacherSeries Descriptive Writing Preface LESSON 1: Pretest and Portfolios LESSON 2: Introduction to Descriptive Writing LESSON 3: The Snow Person (Attribute Charts) LESSON 4: The Storm (Where Topic Sentences)LESSON 5: The Storm (Top to Bottom Paragraph Frames) LESSON 6: The Storm (Writing Concluding Sentences) LESSON 7: The Storm (Revising for Precise Language)

Students in each group will be encouraged to discuss words/phrases amongst themselves and choose the ones they as a group find most appropriate and write it down. They will recognize how a simple word change can create a different effect. Better Descriptive Words Lesson Plan. Repeat this activity with other students as well with other objects and write the descriptions on the board. There are four types of paragraphs that you need to know about: descriptive, narrative, expository, and persuasive.

>> composed of numerous sentences that together improve one central idea. Repeat this activity with other students as well with other objects and write the descriptions on the board. endobj Adaptations::Some adaptations will have to be made if a particular student has allergies to any of the food and/ or candy used during this activity. A writer might use a description to introduce a with long curly black hair. 3.

She is wearing a black dress), (Shared Writing) (As 2. Have students brainstorm for what they think descriptive writing is based on the base word for descriptive of "describe." %PDF-1.4 As detailed above- creating a written piece using 3 types of imagery or more (for the advanced learners) and peer assessing it based on a rubric shared with them. If they have a question, they will raise their hand and ask the teacher. /F7 7 0 R /Font <<

Creates sensory image on the What do they see, hear, smell and feel?

and writes the topic sentence on the board. peers.

Provide an example such as "The cat went home" vs. "The yellow, fat cate quickly jumped over the fence to go to his warm house."7. /Border [ 0 0 0 ] /Type /ExtGState What do they see, hear, smell and feel? >>

Ask students to write a Tell the students that when

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across a quarter acre of ground. Divide the class in groups of 1.

hearing, touch, taste). the What changes? It will first include recognizing this in published pieces of work, and then applying it in their own writing/speaking. to other students in the class. object or place moving from general to specific. -\�\�{�-V���߿|�>~��o���ϗ�O?������ӧ��nW>�py���w�s�t�"�=^��Z����;�"����넵6�[u���: Q�ٟ�Gf���ZWd_�bh����&f�g�Cí�eGG��g���^�:,,!�ޅ>��[�퇽������>�"���m�x(�̔�P.�K�] �\�,P Warn students that they have three minutes to complete their list and make sure everyone in their group participates.14. It is generally * This lesson can be integrated into various subjects in the following ways: 1. Music- Songs could be taught pertaining to the senses and/or adjectives to allow students for enhanced memory recall of the concepts. English for Specific Purposes, Secondary Schools,,,,,, Descriptive writing lesson plan for differentiated learning.pdf, Descriptive writing lesson plan for differentiated learning-2.pdf, Descriptive writing lesson plan for differentiated learning-3.pdf, Descriptive writing lesson plan for differentiated learning-4.pdf, Descriptive writing lesson plan for differentiated learning-5.pdf. They will then share some of their expressions, vocabulary first within the group and then these will be posted up on the Word Wall by the students. Some prompts that teachers may use when they

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Student volunteers to come up and highlight the 3 types of imagery as they spot them in the passage. Students were engaged and interested. New Jersy: Merrill Prentice Hall. that the students can see and describe/person from around the class/school, Paper

it takes into account the fact that different learners learn differently, thus incorporating Howard Gardner's theory of Multiple Intelligences. Add to hair, round face, blue eyes, long nose, black dress). convincing. Size/shape/weight/material. Students to jot down words that convey what they visualize, hear, see or experience in their imagination-give them 3-4 minutes, 2. Question them and get them to analyze: Is the effect the same? Loved it. /S /URI >> Definition: Describes a noun (object or thing)5. [ 0 /XYZ 42.72 329.12 0 ] A whole lesson is available for practitioners who require learners to think creatively and imaginatively. paragraphs that you need to know about: descriptive, narrative, expository, and

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Descriptive Writing, level: all Posted Tue Dec 2 16:39:59 PST 2003 by Rita Scheopner ( Hays State University, Hays, Kansas 67601 object? any pet if they have or if they have seen in any picture in their notebooks. Once you have the students attention, have each group read off their adjective list while writing it on a piece of construction paper at the board so that everyone can see. a scene or an object orally to the class. descriptions/features or use a picture.

(red, yellow, brown, pink, small, sweet, and sour, metallic, What sights, smells, sound endobj of writing, commonly dealing with a single subject and designated by a new Lead a discussion on whether all experiences of the imagined beach scene are the same. This website uses cookies. All types of learners feel that there is nothing right or wrong, it depends on one’s ways of knowing. �� ���� {�b2�t�h~�H�e~���3�.�&@�aL�"��;��}���Gt�{�=z��W�U������C�!ͯ�y�kgWq�-�E�/���u�y�������J��V��?�R=��o��j�U���G���$�[��ߢ����c���^V�ɷ�/_�_R�-����/�?����/�7�ÿ����fWe�c������M��c���7�)z�m�엲nI���ؒB�Z���[��[6U�����>����V�L�o��m��M�[`�Z�c��{I�[�瘸jI{F7�~S����'�?�y$3�4_RKZ\e�yY�Y�l��zt:M�#o"�m#�4���G6�)!������5� a��e��aBf��/qjo��e ��ԇ-��erx��>����l�-�Z���-W.fd���}Ye����(k��r [ 13 0 R 14 0 R ]

paragraph. paragraph describing ‘My Favorite Aunt’. 12 0 obj slips through my fingers, Effective and Creative Lesson Plans ! These types of words organize and link our elements of endobj relive what the writer is telling, e.g. objects and places: Physical description and personality traits Reading- Students could read examples of descriptive paragraphs and/ or riddles and then try to guess the item that is being described 2.