You are feeling invigorated, energized and radiant. Life is currently particularly good, and the sun is shining your way as you reach the goals that you set. Sign up now to begin your initiation ritual. ... Get in-depth insight into YOUR Birthday number and its meaning in your life » A Few of The Sun Card Combinations. Your financial situation may be comfortable and rewarding right now. Life is good! You may even be offered career opportunities abroad connected to your current work. The Sun is one of the best cards you can get for a business reading; it's also one of the most straight forward. The Sun still shines, though it may be temporarily blocked out by the clouds right now. If you’re in a relationship, you may be feeling bored, even though everything is going swimmingly. This happiness and positivity can be radiant now; your happiness may create a wonderful environment for your colleagues and those you surround yourself with. Explore how tarot can help you slow down and reconnect with your innermost self. It is always best to keep some pennies on the side for the dark days. All prices in USD. The Sun suggests a level of gratitude, abundance and happiness, and this is no different within the context of a financial tarot reading. Fertility will be at an all-time high, so if this is something you're worried about The Sun tells you that all is not as bad as it seems. You find a better understanding of the things in your life and are attaining a new level of insight on matters that were bothering you. You could be so wrapped up in the good parts of a situation, project, or relationship you are failing to see anything which is not quite right. When The Sun appears in your reading, it is time for you to think about taking a vacation and experiencing different things. All Rights Reserved |. So using the Sun to clear our oracle cards will work similarly except we are using a safer method, The Sun. The Energy Oracle Cards are designed to reveal both the present energy you project and the results you are likely to attract. Your positivity and radiance can be magnetic now, and draw you the kind of romance that you’ve dreamed of. The sun also shines light on things, making them visible and out in the open. Your career may feel both spiritually and materially fulfilling. Nonetheless, the Sun is never a negative card, so this is only temporary. When you're unable to see the blessings in your life, you'll never enjoy them. You are feeling invigorated, energized and radiant. People are drawn to you because they are capable of seeing the warm and beautiful energy which you bring into their lives. If you have been planning a trip to a warmer climate, this will appear as the Sun in your Tarot spread. The clouds might be blocking out the warmth and light that you need to progress. If you feel as though you have waited a very long time for these things, The Sun is a sign that you will not have to wait much longer. Am I pregnant? Tagged: Tarot, divination, fortune telling, The Sun, Major Arcana, love, relationship, feelings, business, career, positive, negative, future, outcome, yes or no, outcmoe, predictive, prediction.

Alternatively, take care that the decisions that you’re making now regarding your finances are well-researched and founded in sound logic. Everything is going well physically as well as mentally because of your positive attitude. The Sun is the most positive oracle in the deck. The appearance of The Sun in your reading is a great sign. In any event, know that you are going to get the best possible outcome for you. Because The Sun is never a negative card, you should know that all this setbacks are only temporary and the sun will shine again. When The Sun is in a reading with any Ace card, look for some big enhancements in your mastery over a particular area of your life. Sun Keywords. Through the challenges along your path, you discovered who you are and why you’re here. Are you taking your relationship for granted? Born into a Romany Gypsy family of fortune tellers, Lisa has had an active interest in the occult from a young age. Is what you have set out to achieve achievable? Your work environment may be very supportive of you getting the rest you need. The Sun is bright and can blind us to the truth. - Yes, your ex-lover is going to return. Are you truthful to yourself and others?

If looking for an answer, the apparition of The Sun in upright position can suggest a “yes”. The Ultimate Guide to Tarot Card Meanings, Intuitive Tarot: 31 Days to Learn to Read Tarot Cards and Develop Your Intuition. They are committed to you, so try not to push them away! Tap into your power and use your Divine will to express that power in positive ways. The reversed Sun can signal being overly optimistic and unrealistic. If you have been going thru a rough time, this card brings the message you have been waiting for. Through her website she teaches both experienced and would-be readers how they can predict the future of their love lives, relationships and businesses using Tarot. UPRIGHT: Positivity, fun, warmth, success, vitality REVERSED: Inner child, feeling down, overly optimistic Sun Description. Have you and your partner drifted apart due to daily routines and mundane tasks?

You’ll sense it in your Solar Plexus chakra, calling you to express yourself authentically and be fully present in the world around you. While you are confident, you may have become egotistical and out of touch with what you can achieve. Don’t let your negativity close doors to you taking decisive action and improving the situation. Then they will return to you. Things will get better! The future of this matter looks promising. You are having the time of your life! Reveal which numbers show up in YOUR Numerology Chart ». But spend just a few minutes watching a kid play, and you realise how wonderful and carefree life can be when you learn to let go of your worries and concerns. Reversed, the Sun can suggest that your worries about your financial matters may be short-lived, and perhaps less serious than you imagined they would be. You radiate love and affection towards those you care about the most. Make sure that you are practical about what you can achieve at this time. In the reversed position, the Sun indicates that you might have significant difficulties finding positive aspects to certain situations. You are destined for happiness, so no matter how dire your situation looks, you always have this to look forward to in the future. Money, coins, and jewels fly toward… NOTE: The Tarot card meaning description is based on the Rider Waite cards.

If this resonates with you, then ask others for feedback and a reality check. The Sun Tarot card radiates with optimism and positivity. The Sun is one of the easiest Tarot cards to interpret when it appears in the future of a Tarot reading because its meaning remains unchanged regardless of the subject you’re reading. She specialises in teaching predictive Tarot, fortune-telling and business for diviners. Privacy and Terms. The crystals do shine bright. Is this relationship going to last? An upright The Sun card brings wellness, vitality and energy in your life. The Sun is also an energetic card. The Sun will appear as a positive because it is reassuring you that the other person truly is happy being in a relationship with you. The Sun represents success, radiance and abundance. It reflects a time when you can expect to experience an increase in physical energy, vitality and general positivity. If you are unemployed rest assured that the job you are looking for is just around the corner.