5 large bulbs fennelSaltJuice of half a lemonButterA head radicchio, cut into strips (optional)2 garlic cloves, peeled and thinly sliced (optional)100ml thick cream (optional)100g parmesan, grated. https://www.greatitalianchefs.com/collections/fennel-recipes onions, kosher salt, olive oil, tangerines, … Back at the market, fennel fingers are pretty much always trimmed down to human size. While Florence fennel is a vegetable, its wild relative is a robust, perennial herb with hollow stalks, feathery yellow flowers and even more feathery leaves. It’s also a medicine: the Roman naturalist Pliny the Elder lists 22 remedies that include fennel, while in the 10th-century Anglo-Saxon Nine Herbs Charm, used for the treatment of poisoning and infection – fennel is crushed to dust alongside mugwort, cockspur grass, cress, plantain, mayweed, nettle, cress and thyme, also old soap and apple juice.

It’s the sweetness of Florence fennel that balances its subtle but unmistakably anise flavour, which is further helped by citrus, as the Arabs and Sicilians know well. Drain. However, if you’re really looking to impress, check out this Lamb neck with fennel kimchi recipe from Anna Hansen, or try and tackle Gary Jones’ Ceviche of scallop and tuna, Seville orange and fennel. Then there is cooked fennel, where crisp is transformed to tender and velvety (my partner would say slimy, but he says the same about carrots), and the aniseed calms right down. I like the Roman way of serving raw fennel dipped in olive oil and salt at the start of a meal, or the Piedmontese one of using its canoe-shaped curves to scoop from a warm bath of anchovy, garlic and butter. Simple spaghetti gets bold flavor from fennel and jalepeño. Sicilians also know that fennel bulbs have a sex: the elongated ones being female, the rounder ones male – and sweeter, apparently. A simple, refreshing, savory-sweet salad. You can mix chopped fennel fronds into pestos, salsas, stocks, curries, and vinaigrettes for an added hit of freshness. Citrus and Fennel Pork Loin Pork. It was in hollow stalks of wild fennel that Prometheus is said to have hidden the fire he stole from the gods, and by giving it to the human race, he raised them from their state of brutish ignorance. Juice ‘Em Up: If you have a juicer, you need look no further. No sense in letting these greens go to waste. Let the vegetable sing in Martin Wishart’s simple Crunchy fennel salad, or retain its satisfying bite with Chloë King’s Pickled fennel recipe. Simple spaghetti gets bold flavor from fennel and jalepeño. Bring a large pan of water to the boil, add salt, lemon juice and boil the bulbs whole for seven to 10 minutes, depending on their size. Would pair beautifully with grilled fish or roasted, herb chicken and a crisp white wine such as a Sancerre. Recipes, cooking techniques, and news, updated daily. Florence (or bulb) fennel was developed by Renaissance gardeners in the 17th century; a domesticated cultivar of wild fennel that has been known to grow vigorously over the Mediterranean Basin, India and Pakistan for more than 2,000 years. Also how tight the overlapping layers are at the base of the fingers. Every now and then, my friend Carla Tomasi brings me some she has dug up that morning from her garden just outside Rome: perfectly white bulbs with uncut fingers up to half a metre long, and surrounded by enough feathery fronds to make a Vegas headdress. Add the potato, fennel and chicken stock and bring to the boil. https://www.theguardian.com/food/2020/jan/06/rachel-roddy-recipe-fennel-gratin

Login to Save. Phil Fanning proves why it’s such a hit with fish fans with his Pan-fried mackerel with fennel and pepper salad, as does Daniel Galmiche’s Fennel-smoked black cod with warm bean salad. Trim the fennel bulbs carefully, cutting the fingers off away from the base (making sure they stay intact) and pulling away the thicker outer layers: set the fronds aside. https://www.greatbritishchefs.com/ingredients/fennel-recipes Drizzle with the oil. Cauliflower, Fennel & Herb Risotto. These fennel substitutes are especially handy since the spices or herbs are generally available throughout stores, and they just might save your recipe. Bake until the fennel is fork-tender and the top is golden brown, about 45 minutes. You won’t get a lot of juice from the tops … However, if you don’t like anise, no wisdom about sex or sweet orange is going to convince you otherwise.

Back at the market, fennel fingers are pretty much always trimmed down to human size. View Recipe. Fennel is an integral ingredient to many cuisines around the world, so make sure you read about these fennel substitutes. Every now and then, my friend Carla Tomasi brings me some she has dug up that morning from her garden just outside Rome: perfectly white bulbs with uncut fingers up to half a metre long, and surrounded by enough feathery fronds to make a Vegas headdress. Halibut with potato, pepper dulse and fennel, Soy-marinated cod with fennel, dill and apple, Fennel-smoked black cod with warm bean salad, Herb crusted lamb chump, liquorice confit lamb neck, caramelised fennel, capers and ‘spice of angels’, Braised fennel and cucumber with sourdough crumbs, smoked pancetta and baked cod loin, Lemon parfait, fennel pollen ice cream, fennel granita, and olive oil jelly, Compressed fennel gin, vanilla and lemon balm tonic, Fennel and Parmesan biscuits with cream cheese, Homemade ricotta, romesco sauce, fennel and rye, Brown butter-baked haddock with braised fennel, fennel velouté and brown shrimp, Sturgeon with caviar, fennel and dill oil, Crab salad with blood orange, fennel, bitter leaves and verjus, Squid stuffed with breadcrumbs, dried fruits, pine nuts, capers and fennel, Monkfish wrapped in chard with white beans and lemon sauce, Clam and kumquat tostada with peanut salsa macha, Brick pastry parcels stuffed with tofu, lemongrass and fennel, Grilled octopus with fennel, caramelised lemon and salsa cruda, Tarongia – Sicilian olive oil-fried flatbread, Chilled pea velouté with fennel sorbet and poached apricots, Roasted fennel, preserved lemon and sardine salad, Steamed haddock with blood orange and basil hollandaise, Confit salmon with chorizo, strawberries, watermelon and fennel, Bouillabaisse of turbot, salmon and mussels, Panzanella with goat's cheese and tomato jelly, Roast cod loin with fennel and buckwheat, served with tarragon and anchovy dressing, Pan-fried mackerel with fennel and pepper salad, Saffron malloreddus with peas, fennel and cherry tomatoes, Leg of lamb with braised celeriac, fennel and bitter leaves, Spiced sweetbreads with fennel and mushroom duxelles, pea purée and hollandaise, Cured and smoked salmon with oyster emulsion and pickled fennel, Chargrilled langoustines, bisque, buttermilk and pickled fennel, Sous vide cod cheeks with kimchi and peanut, Lentil, roast butternut squash and fennel salad, Pan-roasted turbot cooked on the bone with fennel croquettes and Pernod velouté, Smoked salmon pâté with crispbread, fennel and apple salad, Crusted sea bream, Andalusian tomato, smoked almonds, fennel, lemon, Wild garlic, new potato and black onion seed soup with marinated feta, Stewed pear with winter berry coulis, fennel and ginger ice cream, Lobster salad with marinated fennel and chunky, spicy guacamole, Barbecued black bream with fennel and lemongrass, Crab and smoked salmon salad with avocado, fennel and apple, Sea bream with glazed vegetables, straw potatoes and gourmand vinaigrette, Turbot with prawns, braised fennel and borage, Grilled razor clams with chilli, fennel and thyme, Salmon marinated in treacle and whisky with fennel and apple salad, Barbecued pizza topped with asparagus, broad beans and fennel, Ceviche of scallop and tuna, Seville orange and fennel, Potage of vegetables with poached duck egg and fresh herbs, Fish stew with fillets of hake and gurnard, Roast turbot with fennel, tarragon and lemon, Pan-fried sea bass with Brancaster mussels, gnocchi and fennel, Duck breast with confit fig, fennel and five spice, Soy and beetroot marinated salmon with fennel pollen cream, Wester Ross seared salmon loin, fennel pollen and sweet onion, Halibut fillet glazed with lardo, parsnip purée and a verjuice and spring onion sauce, Bouillabaisse with cock crab and poached lobster, Green, white and red: springtime in Italy, Odori, battuto, soffritto – the foundations of Italian cooking, Join our Great British Chefs Cookbook Club.