If the dreamer is eating the meat, increase good omens…. If we embrace it indicates that our desires are disproportionate and unworkable. To dream that a beetle is up to the body is warning that serious problems particularly health approach. If the statue is made of silver in the dream, it means that one elicits sexual relationship with his servant, or with a foreign woman, or perhaps just a friendship. • When you realize that this is also a picture of our relationship with Jesus it brings you to a new realization of who you are in Christ. Dream of vehicles Problems reaching out to others for support. If we pray inside it is a sign of happiness…. If you dream that you are divorcing someone that represents the flesh in your life, this means that you are finally letting go of your old life to be joined to Christ. • If you have a vision of an idol while praying for a ministry or church, then the Lord is saying that they are putting other things before Him. Enjoying letting go of responsibility you don't want. • People • Often people that are close to you can become an idol in your life. You may be experiencing a major struggle or overwhelming problem. It may also mean that you are not ready to move forward and need to take a step back. If the statue is built from wood in the dream, it means that one seeks religious arguments or disputes. Dream a lonely monastery or temple and gloomy usually suggests the probability that the dreamer dies a loved one…. The wedding ceremony is in fact a covenant ritual act. Elderly who somehow dream of cemeteries is a sign of physical fatigue and who yearn for a true and prolonged rest…. A fear of having no end in sight to your continuing failure. If you aren't afraid while falling in a dream it may symbolize a lack of seriousness or importance about a situation you can no longer control. Dreaming hide beetles is announcement of poverty or poor health, particularly in the family. It may also reflect feelings of having become a complete failure and never being able to do anything else ever again. Dreaming bloody beef (red) suggests that soon diseases that could be dangerous and will present various kinds, so caution should be exercised particularly with food and visiting the doctor for a checkup. You may feel the need to start over or move on to something else. ... To dream of falling off a high building or skyscraper represents feelings of losing control after having reached the very high level of status, power, or achievement. See people you know like statues in a dream means a lack of communication with these people and that the relationship is inflexible. Beg, their problems will be solved soon. Feeling that you have no support system. Should you dream of worshiping idols, you will make slow progress to wealth or fame, as you will let petty things tyrannize over you. Being a practicing astrologer and research on God energies, I think my view can provide you with a clear path. | Privacy Policy. Also, the dream of God is common in people of markedly religious ideas which does not happen with intellectually developed people. Pastor Duke Taber is an alumnus of L.I.F.E. If the statue is made of gold in the dream, it means that one may commit an abominable action, or a religious inequity, or seeks profits from someone at the expense of displeasing God Almighty and consequently, one will suffer financial losses or health problems. Shiva can be seen very clearly in meditation. This dream comes from past life worship and desires to see Lord Shiva. You may need to slow down to allow yourself to adjust. To dream that returns from visit to a school where long ago completed his studies indicates that he will accept propositions that can not by their inability to perform them. Feeling the full impact of your failure or mistake. It may also be a sign that you feel it's time to deal with your losses. In the first place, please accept my pranaams for yoy have received a divine command and directive from one of the most reverend God. Caer means failure and loss of position. This symbol is especially important if the dreamer is praying beside the coffin. If you dream of seeing friends worship idols this presage much trouble for them and a break in your friendship. 33 – God – A lucky number god of sleep – 33…, …Dream it means you will receive protection or assistance from their relatives. It symbolizes the separation between two worlds, between two stages of life. -Contemplarla Portends a happy achieving our desires. If you see Shiva dancing in a dream, then it is an announcement of solving your problems. On a more positive note, you can represent someone you idealize and admire.