But if we know anything about humanity nothing happens in balance. He said, 'Not even one sparrow falls without your Father in heaven knowing about it. | Reply. Thousands fled the city by boat to an island half a mile off the cost.

“Still not convinced? By the grace of god, I have moved past the lessons I learned in Sunday school to cast a more critical eye to Christianity. He can watch over me because He never sleeps. God surpasses it all, and its why we praise Him, because He loves us and knows us individually. And today, if you feel alone or afraid, please know this. The Bible claims to be without error (I haven’t found anywhere that it contradicts itself, and I’ve looked REALLY hard! Are not two sparrows sold for a copper coin? This is not to say that Christianity is wrong for the person who believes it is right for them. Let them get a job and exercise their abilities for crying out loud!” Remember that it was the ‘conservative republicans’, of their time, that worked to set the black man free from slavery for the very fact that they are not incompetent and deserve the equal freedoms that every other American enjoys. So many comments! Want more information about Bible Gateway Plus? I’m so glad- because I really AM interested in what you have to say. He did answer. God doesn’t have to save every child on the planet. Jochai, and Eliezer his son hid themselves in a cave, and lived upon dry husks. Basically, I have no clue what your belief system is. You said, “Our very existence may now be in jeopardy with global warming and we are too shell shocked from our day-to-day life to do anything to stop it.”. I would expect a history book to be accurate. and one of them shall not fall on the ground without your Father; Step 1 - Create an account or log in to start your free trial. So basically its not a matter to you that he knows, its why does he care. The rest of my family is Christian. If that truly works for you then you are truly fortunate. Romans, nor any other book in your bible, is by itself enough to satisfy anyone who examines Christianity with a careful eye. It is very intriguing to see seemingly intelligent people pass rhetoric as proof and deny judgments they make in black and white.

Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. And if that’s the case, maybe you should be more careful with the jabs you make. And he’s supposed to stop all this activity to take note of a little birdie that’s about to hit dirt. Comment by brotherpeacemaker | It falls only with His permission, and where He chooses. I’m not here to argue or condemn you or your ideas, just to share that bit of knowledge. But that’s okay. Because you claim it so that just makes everything I believe wrong.

Comment by brotherpeacemaker | I have wanted to post responses to each criticism you have recieved citing scientific sources proving points they have asked for, in my own frustration to their narrow mindedness and ignorance, but have feared i would start an needless internet based religious war (of the many thousands that already exist) that would just go in circles. Someone told me recently that at five years you are still actively grieving. Why would He not be grieved by the things you have done that perverted His purposes for you? – He says this to remind us that WE place a price on these Birds, and that price is almost worthless if it takes two to equal one cent. “I will make the choice not to be offended by your feedback.” 1. know the number of hairs on your head A cold blooded analysis of history will show this: belief in spirits have been around for a long time and the current Bible has been around for about 1700-1800 years or so. if you think you are so good and can prove that God isn’t real try creating everything so awesome and good and complex! I want to understand what you’re saying better. We need to change our collective spirit so that we can develop a global community that truly wants to leave no child behind instead of using it as a catchy slogan to obtain a political office.

“Historically, King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon brought his army to Tyre. Then the greedy so called god fearing ones come along…try to civilize them and with them they brought disease, greed, filth, poor habits, they rape the land, claim ownership, disrespect other species and obliterate them…yup gotta love em…not. | Reply, BPM – Indeed, it is our own will that has doomed us. People don’t need your bible, your god, or your lord and savior to develop social values. And one of them shall not fall on the ground without your Father: some copies add, "which is in heaven"; meaning, that one of them should not be shot, or be killed, without the knowledge, will, and pleasure of God.