Other than that, just be wary of paintings in your house. i90 Micro Scope, 1 litre. This lasts up to 14 days. But after you’ve used one of the methods in this tutorial to get rid of cigarette beetles, you’ll start to see fewer and fewer beetles get trapped. The light and pheremones attracted them and the traps & D-Force killed them. By fixing them, this will prevent further infestation of beetles and other pests, so repair them ASAP. Clean shelves, cupboards, cabinets, and your entire kitchen. You can also just fill a cup with vinegar as a trap and place it where you see cigarette beetle activity. I share handy DIY pest techniques I come across here to help out others (and possibly save them from a mental breakdown). Pack and store any painting you may have around your home during the time you’re removing the beetles as they’ll flee and could possibly take new residence in your canvas art. The best short-term control is to remove them physically with a vacuum cleaner. Use sprays for hard to reach areas, like pantries, closets, baseboard molding, cracks, crevices, under counters, between counters, around appliances, under furniture, etc. Start from the outside-in, meaning clean the other rooms first then clean your kitchen. You may be wondering why vacuum other areas when the beetles are in your kitchen or somewhere else. Look for pillows with this thick material, too. Given that they can fly, they’ll easily migrate and infest different areas of your home when one area becomes occupied with a colony of larvae. Whether you care about the books you have lying around your home, you should either store them properly- away from areas of beetle activity (remember, they can fly), or get rid of them. Don’t stop until no more new beetles show up in the pheromone traps. If you want to prevent them from eating through your stuff, you’ll need to get some airtight containers with thick plastic construction.

Temps under 65F will stop development altogether. The females lay their eggs on the food material and will hatch within a few days. Carpeting will be a nuisance as it makes a perfect area for cigarette beetle larvae and eggs to nestle cozily throughout. €60.74 . * I was successful when putting all of my pheremone traps and two mini UV Katchy light traps all in the same small place at night in an otherwise dark part of the kitchen. Do the same to books, magazines, cardboard, or furniture. How do they look like? With practice, patience, and time, you should get able to drive them away and kill off the remaining population and prevent any new beetles from entering your house for good. If they’re expensive, it’s your call. They may have already set up camp there, so look for bite marks, holes, torn or ripped edges, etc. Some aerosols, such as D’Force, will flush and kill on contact, so any beetles that are hiding will be driven out and kill them before they can relocate. Be sure to use as directed- especially around food prep areas such as kitchens and dining tables. Odor: slight; Manufacturer: Ghilotina; Get rid of: Bed Bugs, Cockroaches American, Cockroaches German, 13 more; Using chemicals against weevils is not really an option, as they live and breed in your food. Remember they are not harmful and are just temporary nuisances. Avoid at all costs. You can’t’ really do anything once they infest your furniture other than throwing them out or spray it down with insecticide. Dispose of anything expired. Throw away all food that has been infested by beetles. You’ll suck up all the nasty dirty, dust, and beetle eggs (not to mention other pests) all at once. This is because they migrate to other areas (especially darker places to breed).