There is, however, a small plane airport just about 4 miles east of Tombstone on Highway 80. Also available is transportation by Shuttle Tucson Connection. New Year's Day: Some places will be closed, President's Day: Open -Vigilante Days Event Weekend, Easter Sunday: Some places will be closed, Memorial Day: Open - Wyatt Earp Days Event Weekend, 4th of July: Open – Old Fashioned 4th of July fun, Labor Day: Open – Showdown in Tombstone Event Weekend. WELCOME TO … A. Tombstone is a living town, not a theme park. Please keep in mind that each place is individually owned and they do set their own hours and days of operation. We do, however, strive to keep an up-to-date and informative site with which to enable you to plan your Tombstone adventure from there. After seeing some of the Historic Attractions in Tombstone you may want to wander through some of our many Shops and Galleries. We sincerely hope you enjoy your visit to “The Town Too Tough to Die”, Tombstone Arizona.

I didn't get to see it due to COVID-19 having the museum closed.

I would have loved to see it. One thing she told me about was the massive rose bush that is in the Guinness Book of World Records. Staff seemed uninterested.

A. Visit their website at, If you should need information that is not included in our FAQ page, please feel free to email Janice with your questions. The City of Tombstone is proactively disinfecting the rest rooms and benches on Allen Street and the … room upstairs was all set up for a trial along with the ropes outside for the sentence.

By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our, Goose Flats Graphics - Tombstone, Arizona, Tombstone Businesses submit your information here. Tombstone, Arizona offers its visitors and locals a variety of Eating and Drinking establishments for almost any taste. We look forward to your visit to Tombstone, Arizona and hope you have a Historic Time! Town was busy. know. Mostly flyers to pick up. Easter Sunday: Some places will be closed I found most of my places online. Airport transportation is available with 3 Canyons Transit and Arizona Sunshine Tours. Visit their website at to schedule your pickup. A. Tombstone is a living town, not a theme park. The Saloons, Restaurants and Paranormal activities do stay open later.

Christmas: Closed.

Many merchants will supply water dishes outside of their establishments for the four-legged family members. Depending upon your interests in old west history I recommend at least a full day of fun and adventure in Tombstone. The court. A. Spring is also wonderful; for with the arrival of spring brings the arrival of the fragrant blossoms that bloom on The World's Largest Rose Tree. The City of Tombstone is proactively disinfecting the rest rooms and benches on Allen Street and the tables in the City Park multiple times daily. Open daily: 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. See the Quilters Gallery: Click Here> MLK Day: Open A. Tombstone is a very dog friendly town. Remember, this is "The Town Too Tough To Die"! Published by Emily Schneider on June 6, 2016 The 2016 season of the Tombstone Trail is open! No, Tombstone is NOT closing. But for the most part it is a great time to visit. A. Arizona is an open carry state and it is legal to carry firearms in Tombstone, replica or not. A. Labor Day: Open – Showdown in Tombstone Event Weekend There is no admission fee to enter Tombstone. Generally there will be more visitors on the weekends and event weekends, but every day of the week there is something to see and do in town. A great deal of history. Relax and enjoy your stay in Tombstone! Some of our residents can trace their family back to Tombstone's beginning.