The dishes are well balanced and tasty, and the ability to be able to change your future orders to choose your favourite meals is easy. I was pleasantly surprised by how tasty the meals are considering that they are all pre-made. 4. Jane Plan is an excellent way to reeducate your body in terms of portion control and meal ideas.

Jane Plan explained that what they offered was not only a diet food delivery service, but a diet in its own right and the Jane Plan diet book was highly rated. Clearcast explained that the claim “lose weight the easy way” had been reviewed by a nutritional consultant.

The customer service is excellent,friendly, well informed and encouraging. 3. Plus help later to order individual meals - brilliant!

Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore. I was experiencing pain in hips, knees and legs through carrying too much weight. 13.6.5     (Comparisons with Identifiable Competitors). The Chicken Korma was revolting - Korma is my favourite curry and I know that it didn't taste anything like one, the chicken inside tasted old too, wouldn't give that to my pets. 0 Reviews | 0.0 Rating Company Reviews Questions & Answers Trust Score . I'm really enjoying the food and plan is easy to follow!

The plan provides you with breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as snacks; dieters can choose to opt for meals every day or to have weekends off. Also particularly difficult through lockdown as most of the food is vile!Re reply: They must get SO many similar complaints not to recognise mine as an already raised set of issues!

A clever ploy!Know what you are signing up for!

newspaper archive.

I shall provide updates! We have not strayed and eaten or drank anything other than recommended.Based on results to date o can definitely recommend this plan. The Jane Plan is excellent The Jane Plan is excellent, I’ve lost 9 pound in the first two weeks. And any pasta is just mush as they are so overcooked. It comes in a block, no fluffy grains and no amount of attempting to separate them works. The curries and casseroles were watery with very little meat in them. They explained that their clients had told them about their success stories and recorded their experience online, through social media and in the press. Fantastic and convenient food that is tasty and perfect for portion control. At Plain Jane, we pride ourselves on having the best quality CBD flower products at the best prices.

I have tried every diet under the sun over many years and never had the sort of success I’ve had over only 3 months! When I joined Jane Plan I weighed 13 stone 9 lbs and if I had done nothing I would now be over 14 stone. !The thing I do not understand is I then get an email asking me how I have done and would I like to tell you about how I've done.Surely you must have this info on your system!!! I have raised all aspects repeatedly with them and it has just been lies and unpleasantness. The Jane Plan really is great in that it means never having to think about the food- it’s always there and ready for you and is super easy to heat up in a jiffy in the microwave. I have exercised with walking and running, but my wife due to her schedule has done nothing so it shows the plan has worked and we continue to enjoy.    3.1 This is a life change diet. 3.33 A handful of spinach wilted into the bowl is a very simple way to sneak in extra nutrients, or try a small handful of fresh herbs for a fragrant soup that will give you a lunchtime lift. Generally I am very happy with the food, I have not been hungry and have enjoyed most of the first delivery of i month.After each week I fill in the meals log and my weight loss log!!

For example, they believed the emphasis of the ad was on calorie control rather than food and referred to the voice-over where it stated, "Maybe it's the carefully selected ingredients in every calorie-controlled meal". It will be a nightmare guaranteed!Know what you are getting into. Feel so much healthier, energetic and calmer. The soups are really not filling because they are so watery and none of them taste nice at all. Easy, right? One diet strategy perhaps!4. I would recommend this plan to anyone who wishes to eat healthily and lose weight. The plan has helped me to successfully lose weight after years of wanting to.

The food varies quite a lot, I found. Jane Plan has been fantastic during lockdown especially!

(Substantiation) and  Hi , I liked the penne pasta and the porridge , the soup doesn't fill you up and is too watery. The snacks are ok but again minuscule. So easy! Mine gives me some top tips for navigating a Sunday roast with the girls, for instance.

Helpful information on the advertising rules and examples of previously published ASA rulings based upon topics, issues and media channels. After doing the usual diet clubs I wanted a result that was quick and easy to achieve which also gave me the momentum to keep going which the Jane Plan certainly did, the first month I choose my meals and then decided on which I preferred and re-ordered them, I found the diet very easy and can be honest and say I didn't feel hungry or that I was depriving myself, I added salad and a little bit of dressing to some, 2 Ryvitas to the soups and vegetables to some of the dinners, even with my little cheats I have lost 2 stone and 1 dress size, it was such a change to have baggy clothes!!! The ad also featured a number of people accompanied by on-screen text that indicated the amount of weight they had lost within a specific time.

I start having low-fat Greek yoghurt with my Jane Plan granola or muesli and a handful of raspberries and blueberries. It's not good quality food, just small portions. On those points, the ad breached BCAP Code rules  Ben - Jane Plan food is delicious and so economical. Claims must be presented clearly and without exaggeration. Many of the items sent I have NEVER ordered and about 10 I am allergic to!

I then had to suffer patronising, scripted responses and less than honest replies to EVENTUALLY replace the broken items.

1. the claim “Jane Plan is one of the UK's leading diets, that delivers to your door” was misleading and could be substantiated; 2. the claim “lose weight the easy way”, was an authorised health claim on the EU Register of Nutrition and Health Claims made on Foods (the EU Register); 3. the claim “The thing that really makes Jane Plan successful is that it works”, was an authorised health claim on the EU Register; and.