I still have finished my tickets on time but it just wasn't as good as I wished.

Working for that small a business as a junior dev is indeed very tricky. Try to learn as much as you can. Compressing logic into as little space as possible made me feel smart. From my own personal experience, I suggest you keep fighting for a while more. Everyone struggles, and even your seniors were also at your place in the beginning.

Our mission: to help people learn to code for free. And it took me around 10 months to learn, explore, implement things and finally getting a remote paid internship. I feel like these factors are contributing to me not being as useful/productive as I could be. This will be most software development jobs.

I’m working with Mozilla on the Firefox health dashboard for the next three months. Struggle, learn, grow. I’m not saying stifle your curiosity. I'm considering restarting my job hunt and finding a company that would be more suitable for someone in my position, but it took me a long time to find this job and I have no formal qualifications to speak of in IT. Both are recipes for an annoyingly slow app. Search Junior developer jobs. I wanted to know if programming was my thing or not, or if I would ever be able to write good logic and code as other great programmers do. My first year as a developer I dubbed the year of the Annoying Talking Sponge. Why do I need to turn my crankshaft after installing a timing belt? I started August of last year and just over a year now, have secured a full time position as a junior web developer.

Find a company/team where you get that. Happy for it to be removed if necessary. And I was like… how come I wrote this code and why the hell is it working?! Everybody knows. This is still a short time, but at least you can claim to have learned the job. Stay focused. A Bitcoin locking script to force a certain payment to the receiver? I’m working through your Java course last 6 months and along the way even got a job as Java Junior Developer, so it’s awesome to read here, that I’m on the right path I have 20years old dream to create a game like Dungeon Master and similar and this dream needs TONS of persistence, because of its very challenging task.

After solving a bug, I tried to solve a similar bug and went back to the previous one for reference. Every senior and intermediate dev out there has been through the same feelings of inadequacy, of feeling overwhelmed, of feeling like a fraud.

Greetings all Like many here currently so and before me, I struggled a lot when I was learning how to code. At no point in my career have I not been treading water learning some new tech I've never used before - you have to keep learning continually, and this is definitely a good thing. It’s easier said than done, but you’d be surprised how many intermediate or senior developers are quite happy to take up that mantel for people they think are worth their time. Getting stuck on small issues and not being able to fix things quickly used to make me flustered and frustrated. getting my remote, paid internship through Outreachy. Do not keep comparing yourself with others.

I expect that if you did have reason to worry (unrealistic expectations, etc) you would have listed them here.

The owner knew that I was incredibly junior, but hired me anyway - he could get me for cheap compared to a "real" developer. I was unable to communicate with the mentors and start anything at work. This suggestion is by Sarah and I second that. PHP seems very popular. But through time and experience, we see that they just get stuck on bigger and complex challenges than we do. Everything looks fascinating from the outside. Remember, every junior developer is in the same boat you are — you are not an exception. I also figured the responses might help some developers here. Convey 'is raised' in mathematical context. My feelings while applying for the internship were totally different from the feelings when I started. The companies I have worked for assume around 6 months before people are really effective. I had multiple hospital stays between March and June and unfortunately due to that I have been fired (I have contacted citizens advice and since it was in probation period, I can't do anything about it). They come into the “real world” and are promptly humbled by the vast extent of learning they have yet to do. It’s an unfair comparison, but a necessary one. I was unable to figure out the solution for two days. We never learnt about CI/CD, how to deploy applications to an AWS EC2 instance, or how to debug a Maven project.

I’m in a very similar situation like you were one year ago, it’s just the beginning. The biggest is that you have no one reviewing your work and giving you feedback.

PG Program in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning , Statistics for Data Science and Business Analysis. We need more people like these in tech who are willing to help and mentor, who provide juniors with the best resources to learn and not to burn out. Out of all those resources I found mmtuts to be the most helpful. Most of the time you know the solution, and maybe the logic, and how to implement it, but you don’t know WHERE TO BEGIN!

Most of the developers I’ve encountered are quite happy to sit and knowledge share because they’ve sat in your seat before.