Also, Vesper Sparrows have practically no primary extension (the extenion of the primaries past the tertials) while Song Sparrows have short primary projection but it is noticeable in the Song Sparrow. . Audio recorded in San Diego California, Jim W, Lincoln's

i would have a hard time IDing these little guys!! During the summer breeding season they are often found population is currently considered stable.

– A nice comparison of fall sparrows by Anna Fasoli, Lincoln’s Sparrow – A short video clip of a Lincoln’s Sparrow by Drew Weber, Tags:Banding, Lincoln's Sparrow, Penn State, PSU, Song Sparrow, sparrow comparision, White-throated Sparrow, ©

Luckily for us birders, the Vesper Sparrow is no where near as variable as the other two species discussed. a threat.

Lincoln's is supposed to have an eyering. New River Birding and Nature Festival Birding by Butt, Remembering the White Vermillion Flycatcher, Hen And Drake American Wigeon Pair Close To Home, MA - Thanksgiving Barnacle Goose in Turner's Falls, Charles Darwin: Notebooks worth millions lost for 20 years, A Handsome Common Grackle for Saturday Critters, Foto Friday Fun 390: every picture tells a story, October Came And Went In The Blink Of An Eye. Original . So maybe that points to Swamp Sparrow as well. These are characteristics of a Lincoln’s sparrow, but this bird is much too chunky for the Lincoln… For sparrow identification there are many aspects that we have to consider.

The next sparrow id article will be coming soon! next to a tussock of grass, or other similar area. near cover, foraging on the ground but scurrying back to cover if they sense Song Sparrows have larger bills than Lincoln's Sparrows.

This "Song Sparrow" picture was taken about 3 hours before the pictures in the OP.

I went back to for a closer look at Swamp Sparrow. Like the rest of the markings on a Lincoln’s Sparrow, the uppertail coverts are also very crisp and thin compared to the Song Sparrow.

Enjoyed your post, Kathie. bubbling series of notes, generally ending with softer and slower notes as Merlin favors Lincoln's Sparrow with Song Sparrow and Swamp Sparrow as alternatives. Original recording and

Thanks!Dave, I so wish that was true, LOL, but my gray matter is fading fast! Here are two field marks they note to differentiate juvenile Swamp and Lincoln's:  "solid brownish or black crown and yellow upper mandible lining in Swamp Sparrow, and streaked or rarely brown or buffy-gray crown and gray upper mandible lining in Lincoln's Sparrow". Original recording and © Larry Therrien | Macaulay Library Massachusetts, September 30, 2016. Infrequently visits feeders. Original After reviewing some photos I have a Lincoln’s it became readily apparent to me that this was a Song Sparrow and not a Lincoln’s sparrow. © Ryan Schain | Macaulay Library Vermont, May 22, 2017. These are characteristics of a Lincoln’s sparrow, but this bird is much too chunky for the Lincoln’s and the streaking far too dark and heavy.

This article also mentioned the yellow "upper mandible lining" but was also kind enough to define it.

Well, song sparrows can have a wide variety of plumages.

Beware of juvenile Song Sparrows in late summer, which can look buffy and show finer streaks than adults. They can often be seen scratching on the ground, In the next post I will talk about Fox and Lincoln's Sparrows and compare them to the baseline of Song Sparrow as well. Clay-colored sparrow. However, I'd appreciate a second opinion. Paste as plain text instead, × Gray face, pale eyering, and very fine streaks on buffy breast are distinctive. When I saw this bird in the bush, I noticed the buffy breast overlaid with dark streaking and the buffy auricular circle or stripe. Kelly Colgan Azar. to the ground, in a protected area such as in a shrub, the base of a shrub,

But, I would suggest, you take a look at the version that is in your area so you have a good idea of the overall coloration etc.