My first attempt to take my three year old to Magic Valley was on Canada Day. The first thing we did was the train raide which showed to be excellent on the website etc. No lockers though. read more. The pool was dirty looking, it needed a serious cleaning. The 3 bears house has only 1 bear - and at one time it was a real live bear. The cafe had everything you can throw in a deep fryer, ice cream and a slushy machine. And I … Continue your visit to NOTHING HAS CHANGED!! The young lady that was waiting on us kept wiping the sweat off her brown and neck with her shirt and hands. 34 years ago this week: ... • One firefighter was injured when the roof of the vacant Polk Valley … The attendant for the rides was very nice and quickly told us which rides were functioning that day and which were not.

The kiddy car rides are those plastic playskool cars, only these had broken steering wheels, as in they just come off in your hand. They were still filled with the same creepy dolls, taking the place as classic storybook characters, but in today's day and age most of these stories are unfamiliar to kids so none of the kids really knew what the house theme was (or cared). Magic Valley is not just a theme park, but it also features water attractions, as well as animals! The children that were in there had blue lips and i was not about to stick around! Magic Valley in Nova Scotia is a great little family theme park, geared towards the younger kids. Apparently both big slides are turned on when there is enough demand but I guess 5 kids on a sunny Sunday wasn't enough to get them turned on. Storybook Village is always a favourite. The park and it's attractions are best suited to kids up to 10 years old, and there certainly is enough to keep even the most energetic, entertained! IF you are feeling like you want to cool off a bit, head to Barefoot Landing, with it's thrills and spills on the water slides! From there, we went to see the livestock - dirty pens, sad looking animals. - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US © Family Days Out 2017, Magic Valley Why not have a birthday party with them! Magic Valley Park is an active gated RV and Mobile Home Adult community in the heart of the Rio Grande Valley with lots of nearby shopping and excellent medical facilities. Now it is stuffed and wearing a t-shirt, with a broken claw. There were very few people in the park so no line ups, other than waiting on the lone staff person operating the rides. Only 2 of the little kids rides worked, There were no animals in the petting zoo. Some 3 year olds had locked themselves in as we arrived, their parents trying to keep them calm and away from the door as the father debated on kicking it in while the mother went off in search of a staff member with a key. The train is just silly, might be ok for very little kids but what kid over the age of 3 will want to go on a train that just loops passed the woods full of garbage, the storage for more train cars and a shed full of trash. Then it was time for the train ride.

© Family Days Out 2020, {{confirmModel.title}} : {{confirmModel.content}}. We didn't linger at the peddle boats as we could see how these were working, poorly, leaving people circling the water aimlessly unable to get where they wanted. It promised to be exciting - said the lady at the gate. Storybook Village will delight the smallest of your folk, while Old MacDonald's Farm is a petting area where kids of any age can groom some cuddly creatures. It's not. The train worked so that was a plus until you got to drive by all the garbage they have put in the woods and tunnel. The outdoor leisure swimming facility includes 2 water slides, one for adults and one for kids. My family, my in-laws and my sister in-law and her children all visited the Magic Valley Fun Park this past weekend. Kids can ride the magic railroad, which takes you around the park with it's old fashioned train. more. The storey book village houses still have those dirty broken dolls the last reviewer mentioned, there is still only one bear in the 3 bears cottage, and what some may find amusing (we didn't) is how they have left a deadbolt lock on the inside of the old woman in the shoe house. The water was green and murky and only one big slide and the kiddie slide were running. Save your money and head to one of Nova Scotia's more well-maintained parks that have more current atttractions for kids. Very sad. Magic Valley Food N' Fun (Winchester, Virginia, Verenigde Staten) Magic Valley Park (Bushkill, Pennsylvania, Verenigde Staten) Magic World Kid's Park (Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, Verenigde Staten) Marielyst Familiepark & Aqualand (Væggerløse, Seeland, Denemarken) Marine Lake Pleasure Beach (Rhyl, Clwyd, Verenigd Koninkrijk) Sounded great. The slide water is being pumped in from a river so its disgusting brown color. The village is in a wooded section. Rainbow Gardens White Oak: 1924–1968 Began as a roller rink and swimming pool, with an amusement park and drive-in theater added in the 1940s. I understand that they were awarded a large sum of money from the government for upgrades. We found ourselves thrown back into the 1960s, this park feeling like someone unlocked it for a day just to show people how it had been abandoned. read more, Had a great day at this park. Was it worth what we spent. Next time i will definitely read reviews before choosing a place to go! Renamed Magic Valley and Winona Five Falls c. 1981. As for the train ride through the woods, the only scenery was a mess with cut down trees and piles of dirt. But we had a family get together last summer there and i reluctantly went......I'm sorry I spent the money! For a more gentle boat experience, the pedal boats let you cruise around the pond in a relaxing way.

The sweat was pouring off of them, with no air conditioning or even a fan to cool them off.

Rock Point Park Ellwood City: 1884–1911 Rocky Glen Park: Moosic: 1886–1987 Rocky Springs Park Lancaster: 1899–1966, 1979–1980

They talked us into purchasing tickets for the train at 1.50 a piece, because it's a lovely ride that goes all through the woods. The park and it's attractions are best suited to kids up to 10 years old, and there certainly is enough to keep even the most energetic, entertained! Pretty awesome! My 5 year old nephew and my daughter (who is 7) were both able to get into them but after about 30 seconds they were bored and we moved on. In all reality for the money that you have to spend just to get in the gate, there really isn't a lot to do for small children let alone adults. This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Over to the train, ah yes, it only runs on the half hour, and yes, it still goes through the woods and past a dozed garbage heap area, rather an apocolyptic feeling. The kids were so excited as they entered the gate. More tears. We won't go back. It costs 7 dollars per person just to enter the park. Magic Valley Fun Park: Pathetic excuse for an amusement park! $19.95 gets you an all access full admission bracelet. We are 7 miles from Mexico, 20 miles from Harlengin or McAllen. Magic Valley in Nova Scotia is a great little family theme park, geared towards the younger kids. The attendant let my husband and I take a boat out so that was a nice treat. They have a castle that looks really exciting. We explored the "Storybook Village". The castle at the top was closed (as usual-I think it was open once in the past 20 years that I've been there).

My family, my in-laws and my sister in-law and her children all visited the Magic Valley Fun Park this past weekend. When we were there it was extremely hot so thought we would get an ice cream and a cold drink.

The pool was like getting into water full of icecubes and it was a hot day. What I would like to know is where the money was spent? read more.

Overall, the staff was very nice and accomodating.

The canteen was packed, extremely hot, and I felt horrible for the two young ladies that were working behind the counter.

4488 NS-4 The gift shop is okay. Magic Valley had at one point the oldest Merry Go Round in the US, I actually have a small part of it on a necklace. The grounds themselves seemed well kept, and the new rides looked clean but the older parts of this area just looked plain OLD. Children: $8 and pay and play, or $19.95 unlimited rides. Magic Valley is sadly over-rated and under-staffed. The Park Admission was $8.00 which is what my husband and I got since our child was old enough to ride most rides there.