MATT: Well, I mean, as I said at the very beginning… I think that, after the current virus is over, organisations will never go back to how they were before, just like after the GFC they never went back to how they were before. When I’ve posted jobs… I do get some absolutely dreadful applications. Make sure you go over and above. A collection of facts like net worth,salary,affair,married,girlfriend,wife,nationality,bio,career and more. The bread and butter stuff I’m not so interested in.

It took forever to load. There’s somebody at home. These are real people who want work done and they want to know that a) you’re going to do the job well, and b) you kind of want to work with them or work for them. So if you’ve got some skills that you want to prove up, you can do these exams. Good reputation, good rating. What comes with that is you’ve got some particularly popular areas of work and it starts to become a bit of a buyer’s market in one sense or another.

I’m going to look up the market cap right now. That’s how I see it. They have to do it.

I went to university and during university I did accounting, so maybe I’ll do some accounting work for a little bit to keep my skills a bit current et cetera.”. There are so many people now, you know… helping my mother-in-law get onto Zoom and various different things like that. Or you can use your talents. People went online and, being very consumer-driven economies, that led to the emergence of commerce and people buying and selling products online. I mean, if you’re going to not upload your photo or not fill in your description or what have you, then people won’t give you as much of the time of day as if you’ve got a great looking persona, right?

Who then IPOed it and now it’s a multi-billion dollar company. I read this survey… 60% of you want to be an entrepreneur, 5% of you actually do it. MATT: Correct. Right? Right? I think I now completely understand. I don’t want to do the same job I did before. People will be used to it and the longer this goes on, the longer they’re going to be used to it. Your profile’s been checked. That’s because back in 1994-1995, that’s when in the Western world the internet hit in a big way. You'll feel great about our youth, and awful about yourself. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. The largest bookstore in the world is a software company. So there’s no risk in just giving it a go and posting a project and seeing what happens. The largest retailer was a software company, et cetera, et cetera. MATT: That’s right. I mean, this is the great forced freelancing experiment, right? That’s exactly what my dad did. So ’94 was the year the geeks had email addresses. Now we’ve got the tools, we’ve got the software, et cetera. They all have their advantages, they all have their disadvantages. There are pros and cons in both environments. Right?

We looked at some global trends recently before the Coronavirus hit and it’s been fairly positive for the world of freelancing, as I’m sure you’re aware. For example, we have an enterprise product that we’re deploying in a very, very large Fortune 500 which allows organisations to 1) Hire each other… So if you’re a large company, like a Coca-Cola for example, Coca-Cola staff can hire Coca-Cola staff; 2) Hire freelancers. And the jobs just come to you. ALEX: I absolutely love that. In any job that you could possibly have, you can stand out in some way! MATT: So you can think about from two perspectives. It’s delayed a decade or so because of a few things. He’ll put it all in the show notes. She’s got a very detailed report, she publishes once a year, where she just goes through and shares about all these companies. I’m going to do some copywriting for two weeks and then I’ll maybe do some musical composition for a couple of weeks because I’ve got some talent there. Your email address will not be published. Four days a week in the office? The History of Network MarketingMatt Barrie, the sportscaster has spent over a decade at the industry. Right? He was previously in network security and a venture capitalist, and in 2012 was named one of LinkedIn’s 150 worldwide influencers, alongside the likes of Barack Obama and Richard Branson.

You know how many pages are in a book. Matt Barrie, who joined ESPN in March 2013, is a host of various editions of SportsCenter, frequently co-anchoring with Elle Duncan.In addition to anchoring from the studio, Barrie frequently hosts SportsCenter on the Road from various locations around the country, which have included college campuses on football season Saturday mornings, the Masters Tournament and more. And then she went through the transition from being a freelancer to an employer. The light bulb will go off! And all you’re doing is acting in the middle, right? Get them going. Maybe, if you’re actually out of work, you can go, “You know what, I want to do something different. I can take the job on and I’ll get you good people.”.

And then people started asking her, “Can you do male voices?” She actually goes, “I know these freelancers who are male who can do these different voices, who I’ve met over the years from doing the work. But once you try it… the light bulb goes off.