vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, E, K and minerals potassium, magnesium, calcium, zinc, phosphorus, and iron.

Classic ceremonial grade matcha has low level of bitterness, therefore suitable to drink directly without sugar or milk.

It has strong matcha aroma. Sift the 1 tsp Yodha Matcha Ceremonial-Grade Matcha Powder into your 1 cup of hot water. The region's hilly terrain, high-quality soil, mild temperature, and prevalent mist all contribute to what many call the most excellent matcha tea in the world. If you use milk instead of water, you’ll have a latte. Matcha is now a popular ingredient in tea shops, cafes, and desert places. Grab this top-grade matcha powder in your cart!

Notify me when this product is available: Japanese Teahouse Matcha™ is 100% pure and fresh, exactly how matcha is supposed to be. Origin : Japan L-Theanine gives your mind a sense of calm alertness and improves your focus and concentration.

This beverage is the cleanest and purest matcha drink that you can have. It helps you have a pleasant mental state and feeling-good overall health. Encha Organic Matcha Farm in Japan Go Farm Shop Products. Of course, you use Yodha Matcha for tea, but there are other exciting applications for your lovely green powder.

© 2020 Lamie Wellness. It's tasty as a tea or latte, but also good for mixing with other ingredients !! L-Theanine, in itself, reduces stress and improves focus. Fill the other 3/4 of the container with with hot water... Sip up, and zen out!

-Try RISK-FREE and return this Matcha if it wasn't exactly what you hoped for! Had a chat with the owner and he's very helpful and knowledgeable. Repeat same process as with water, but with your fave dairy/non-dairy milk.. maybe add some sweetener (Agave, Maple, etc..) *We <3 Oat or Almond milk (: A short sentence describing what someone will receive by subscribing.

For more than 800 years, only the purest grades of matcha have been considered worthy of the reputable ceremony rituals among Japanese. The tea supposedly gives the monks a sense of awakeness, calm spirituality, and focus. Ceremonial Grade Matcha. IngredientsOrganic Japanese Matcha (Stone Ground Green Tea Powder). You can use this grade of Matcha for drinking your matcha tea, flavouring pastries, and even cooking fancy treats.

Powered by Shopify. Buy this for yourself and for your friends and family as a gift! Matcha Jar, Scoop, Whisk Holder and Sifter. Whisk the mixture with your matcha frother until fully incorporated.

Unlike other green teas, Matcha plants are shade grown and whisked directly into the water (no tea bags here!) So if you are looking to get your matcha lifestyle fix, you are on the right page.

100g EISAI Uji Organic CEREMONIAL GRADE Matcha (2 Month Supply), EISAI Matcha Powder 50g - Uji Ceremonial Grade, Australian Defence Members Discount (APOD).

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Really nice authentic taste. Use this basic hot drink for your morning meditation. It also restores memory and cognition, which makes it an excellent aid in mitigating geriatric degradation and age-related brain damage. Our farmers in Mt. All of our Matcha powder is sourced from Uji Japan. This process increases the level of caffeine, flavonoids, and nutrients in the leaves, giving them a more pronounced taste and colour. Our Matcha has been quality control tested and put to the test!

These people are at high risk of dying from diabetes complications, cancer, and heart disease. There is no rule on how we should categorize the Matcha grade, classic grade is always being sold as Ceremonial grade by many Matcha seller in the market because of its quality, some even sell culinary grade as ceremonial grade.

As such, they’re higher in L-theanine (natural relaxant), chlorophyll (intense bright green) and caffeine, making it value for money even for those who drink it daily as a pick-me-up. Encha Latte Grade Pure Organic Matcha. Matcha green tea is a powdered tea from Japan used in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony called Chanoyu. Uji, Japan - it's the real deal. Classic ceremonial grade matcha is matcha that suitable for making pure matcha tea.