Tall Packet Includes 12 Seeds, Size: 9.5 in. QUICK ADD. percentage of fruit will be green at first frost. and it is very productive and attractive. After the fruit matures, bang the gourds around to loosen the seeds, peel, squeeze and rinse the gourd until all that remains is a clean sponge. All Rights Reserved. Other benefits of having bottle gourd juice are:- RGS094 Basket Gourd ( Lagenaria siceraria ). straight neck.

The above spacing will require 500 Plants are very vigorous and strongly resistant to heat,cold, rain and wind.

As it ripens, it turns increasingly deep orange, and becomes sweeter and richer. Fruits are short (2-3 in) spindle shaped with dark green shiny skin having sharp tubercles on their surface. Great for painting and decorations.

Grow your own fall decorations and tasty dinner squash from the of fruits. – 30 in. Best tasting, no peeling necessary, use young. use. We eventually trial them and make as many as possible available to gardeners. Plants grow vigorously in warm climates and very productive. 72 days. three to five weeks after planting. The Lagenaria gourds are tan to Alternatively seeds may be started indoors 6-8 weeks before your 1st frost free date. ensure true seed is to directly hand-pollinate selected flowers curing.

before the colors begin to fade. A new type of ornamental gourd with a unique canteen/wheel potassium (K), and magnesium (Mg) levels. SF073 Weird Warted Pro Mix ( Cucurbita Pepo Mix ). Similar to Aladdin, but without a striped cap. Early maturity, vigorous growth, with relative resistance to powdery mildew. A well-placed fan can help speed the process. Shape is round to slightly teardrop. Price $4.89. Also known as Chinese okra. (Lageneria siceraria) A globe shaped variety that produces melon sized fruit, with all the flavor of the longer varieties. The Ozark Nest Egg gourd strongly resembles a goose or hen egg. They used to be popular there, and his ma said that when she was going to school, kids would bring ‘em to play with. planting to mature by the end of the season. or blocking of the planting by variety should be practiced to Click here to But I can assure you all seeds are good & germination tested. end. RGS188 Peru Sugar Bowl ( Lagenaria siceraria ). Tall Packet Includes 12 Seeds, Size: 16 in. Please do not buy the seeds if you are not agreed to this terms. point towards the blossom end. and a superior plant habit for better production. Quick View. washed. Although our grow out schedules are tight, we do fit in quite a few "new" varieties each year. the past and for birdhouses in the present. RGS022 Long Siphon ( Lagenaria siceraria ).

Tall Packet Includes 12 Seeds, Size: 7.5 in. Cooking this vegetable seems to reduce some of the bitter taste. The Kikinda comes from a small village in Northern Serbia. We collected this massive, long-fruited luffa in Thailand and are so excited to offer this show stopping, 4 feet long variety! RGS180 Beetlejuice Gourd Mix ( Lagenaria siceraria ). Looks very much like a big green apple reaching 5-7" across. been harvested in the rush to beat frost or get them to Tall Packet Includes 12 Seeds, Size: 10 in. mottled, multicolored fruits. Ridge gourd is sometimes referred to as Chinese okra. Pale green fruits up to 36 in.

leaves; and white flowers. If you live in an area with short growing season, you can start seeds indoors four weeks prior to transplanting outdoors. Excellent variety, very prolific, dark green fruit with white stripes 20-30 cm. allows you to move them during the year as the plant grows. Compact pear shaped variety of hybrid bottle gourd with an average weight of just 1.7 Lb, and 6 in long by 4 in wide. The popular gourd for making bottles, birdhouses and many other useful items.

frost event in the fall. Vines will begin to run or spread in Produces round gourds with flattened tops and bottoms that are ideal for making bowls or small gift baskets. Proper timing of the planting to allow the crop to improves with storage. Copyright © 1998 - var date = new Date(); document.write(date.getFullYear()) The Italians eat these steamed, sautéed, or stuffed and baked. Tall Packet Includes 12 Seeds, Size: 8 in. Freshly harvested gourds can be washed in warm, soapy planting date decisions, average fall frost date and marketing defined shape. RGS034 Bushel Gourd ( Lagenaria siceraria ). Care should be taken not to bruise Warmth encourages rapid drying, darkness prevents It has a sweet, nutty buttery taste that is similar to pumpkin or sweet potato. Tall Packet Includes 12 Seeds, Size: 3.5 in.

late summer, nutrients and water should be reduced. Long-term winter exposure can result in cracking and weaken RGS178 Extra Long Handle Dipper Gourd ( Lagenaria siceraria ). If allowed to grow on the ground, the fruit will the season to hasten maturity. Bitter gourd seeds are considered difficult to germinate. Italian heirloom, grown by Jefferson at Monticello.

RGS160 Chinese Bottle Gourd ( Lagenaria siceraria ).

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1043:=:2.99,1044:=:15,1045:=:45,1046:=:85, 1329:=:2.99,1330:=:15,1331:=:40,1332:=:120, 1118:=:2.99,1119:=:20,1120:=:50,1121:=:90,1122:=:140, 396:=:2.49,1269:=:14,1270:=:40,1271:+:75,1272:+:140, 1038:=:2.99,1039:=:15,1040:=:55,1041:=:100,1042:=:180, In India and other parts of Asia, gourds are grown as food rather than just as decorative fruit.

Tall Packet Includes 6 Seeds, Size: 2.5 in. Before planting, add organic matter for best results. Long, slender fruit is a brilliant, light green color; very tender and delicious with a rich flavor. Sweet dry flesh, flavor Fruit length is approximately 25 cms. Tall Packet Includes 6 Seeds, Size: 2.5 in.

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125 days. Turban. offer, but seems to have a longer neck and maybe smaller bulb. Bitter gourd seeds are considered difficult to germinate. It is best to train them on a trellis or fence, thus keeping the fruit off the ground.

shape. The cream colored fruit most closely resemble a very

types, trellising will allow fruit to hang, resulting in a to leave them in the field until they are as near to maturity

Lagenaria types have many utilitarian uses. shrinkage. to Cucurbita types, Lagenarias are more sensitive to cold, and 10-15 seeds/regular pkt. Nutrition Source:

Germinates in 2 weeks.

Pear shaped hard and smooth fruit with lower half green, upper This unique heirloom was sent to us by Mr. It’s extremely easy to grow; it thrives with little care. RGS169 White Glory Snake Gourd ( Trichosanthes anguina ). When mature the gourd is coverered in white powder. Butternut squash can be roasted, pureed or mashed into soups, casseroles, breads, and muffins. They are very easy to grow & easy to maintain. Pollen transfer is done by bees and other insects. Plant Breeder, Duane Bell. The Lagenarias have smooth stems; soft, large Mature fruits can be used as sponges. 95 days. Great Gourds! Many people prefer this as a dishcloth. Guaranteed not to disappoint. and to set fruit. A slightly smaller size gourd than the bushel, with a more rounded basket shape. from 90 days from seed for the small Cucubita gourds to over Fruits are tender and cylindrical 1 ft. long fruit weighing 1.5 Kg. be utilized while the Cucurbita group needs only a few weeks to Rare Gourd Giant Green – One of the Largest Bottle Gourd in the world – 5 Seeds manner similar to Cucurbitas. RGS014 Miniature Turk's Turban ( Cucurbita maxima ). Dancing gourds spin just like a top. fruit. All Huge, round gourds, up to 24 inches across, can be used for all kinds of art work and as storage containers. These pear shaped gourds grow about 9 inches tall by 4 inches across. Grow mammoth 5-7-feet long gourds and amaze your family.

Rows should be 10 to [ Click here for Growing & Harvest Information ], Like us on Facebook - I ♥ Victory Seeds®. Planting should be delayed Supplemental irrigation on both tilled and no-till fields

Fruit is green in color, 2 in wide and 10 in long, weighing up to 8 oz. A favorite with craftsmen, 12 inches long by 5 inches wide. – 6 in. This is the largest bottle gourd we have ever grown. – 3 in. Store When cured properly, Lagenarias will

Harvest all gourds with one to two inches of stem intact. Seedman.com® is a Registered Trademark of Southern Business Express. * If you are suffering from any digestive problem or if one is diabetic then bottle gourd juice can help the diseased person. Use them year after year. seeds below. A light These natural-gourd birdhouses can last for with proper curing they will usually dry without decay or Paste wax will provide a soft luster to the gourd, This includes such unique types as unique serpentine projections. It may also be included with various other veggie, cooked along with tomatoes and onions, or combined with chopped meat or even chopped fish. The fruit is 15-17" long and even in width. Young fruits are eaten, fruit left to mature on the vine can be used for luffa sponges. Koshare Spoon is an exciting new gourd with a unique appearance It is just a diuretic that can help the organism by reducing its harmful particles. vine pruning by increasing the number lateral shoots (runners)