Those two are the usual culprits- Madder Lake Deep and Alizarin Crimson. Rembrandt watercolor chart here. I’ve used Rembrandt soft pastels, which are lovely, this is my first experience with their watercolors. I shared this article from the John Muir Laws site some time back and it’s worth sharing again: Reinventing the Wheel: Why Red is not a primary color.

Doodlewash Guest Artist Jane Blundell has a bunch of watercolor triad examples here. A quick exploration of Ecoline– super vibrant dye based liquid watercolors that come in jars and brush pens. Half pan sets come in 12, 24 and 48, in tins and some lovely wooden boxed sets. Some people find that part interesting. First Impressions Thank you for your comment. Hi Shannon! Thanks so much Laura! In order of appearance on swatch: Permanent Lemon Yellow, Gamboge, Azo Yellow Deep, Quinacridone Rose, Perm Madder Lake, Permanent Red Light, Permanent Red Deep, Cerulean Blue, Cobalt Blue, Prussian Blue, Ultramarine Deep, Permanent Green, Hooker’s Green Deep, Transparent Oxide Red, Yellow Ochre, Vandyke Brown. This will be my last review for a few weeks. Most other Phthalo Blue GS I’ve used from other brands has been a vivid, green-tinged blue (such as Winsor & Newton’s Phthalo Blue GS, my favourite example of the colour). This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I truly appreciate that you take the time to read them and all the comments you have left. Hiya Carol! Since I’d acquired a small Daniel Smith paint box from somewhere, I decided the Rembrandt pans would be the perfect thing to fill it with, so I got twelve half pans.

I used some gold in the sample painting that was not included in this set. I wrote the color names on the half pans with a Sharpie. The three +++ signs on the wrappers are the lightfast rating. ( Log Out /  Create an account, World Watercolor Month - Day 28 - A Handful Of Lollipops, World Watercolor Month - Day 29 - All The Colors In My Palette. A blender brush pen is sold.

The Cadmium pigments are rated as semi- transparent, along with the Cobalt and Cerulean Blues and Payne’s Grey. Are you the Shannon in World Watercolor Group that’s been posting lately? Like most manufacturers, the formula Rembrandt uses in their pans is the same as they use for their tubes. One thought I’d like to sign off with- if you are new to painting, new to watercolor- you can so do this!!! Change ). ©2015-2018 Doodlewash®  Privacy Policy | Terms Of Use | Disclosure  Powered By And sad that I cant find the paints here.

A common complaint of many a watercolorist is that most sets include a white and a black- which most of us don’t use. The Sepia is an intense lovely color. The only colour I was disappointed in was Phthalo Blue (Green Shade). The pan set didn’t smell, but I know what you mean about the tubes. ( Log Out /  A while ago I had a voucher to use up for Jackson’s UK (online art supplier who I’ve often purchased from) and though I didn’t really NEED more watercolours, I decided I’d try the Rembrandt colours, which were fairly cheap. Pastels yes, paints no. ), Bonjour vraiment c’et un bon article merci. Bravo- this is a smart set! If you have a Hobonichi…these are great in that and are much more vibrant than how they showed up in that photo on the left. I have been using Rembrandt watercolors for over 30 years, having bought sets of the pans in Switzerland long ago. So, in 1949, she made Talens Royal, because Royal Talens has the same passion artists have… not to create the most beautiful work, but to produce and develop the best paint and artists’ materials.

Half pan sets come in 12, 24 and 48, in tins and some lovely wooden boxed sets. Before I started using the Rembrandt watercolours, I had been concerned that their focus on transparency might also mean that the colours just weren’t as strong, or the pigments not as concentrated. There are 80 colors in the Rembrandt line, and all but two have the highest lightfast rating. They all use the same PBr7 pigment. I’ve used Winsor & Newton, Rembrandt, Da Vinci, Holbein, Daniel Smith, etc. Jessica, I always enjoy reading the history of paints, artists, other supplies, so this post was terrific. I also did a comparison between Rembrandt, Daniel Smith and Schmincke. Also remarkable are the strong, robust true cadmium and cobalt colors, as well as a breadth of greens which will cover all of what is seen in nature, or that inspires your imagination.”. Hi I’m the Doodlewash Supply Blogger and offer reviews of various types of art supplies, watercolors, and helpful tips. I’d rather spend my time painting than mixing for colors, I also like to let them mix on the page. Well, there goes that money I saved on watercolor ground… . (Like Tombows or Clean Color. I found this brand to be vibrant and transparent, and very nice to paint with.

The sky wasn’t blended as well as I’d like, but that was more down to my lack of experience with watercolours (I am more confident with acrylics) than to the quality of the paints. I mostly found it easy to get a good strong colour without having to put down a lot of layers, or use the paint with hardly any water to dilute it.

Follow me on Instagram! Enter your email address to get notifications of new blog posts by email. I’ve noticed in this brand and in Mission Gold, it was the reds that had a stronger smell.

I used to do pastels with Rembrandt before I switched to watercolor. ( Log Out /  NOVEMBER 2020 ART CHALLENGE: Beautiful Things! It wasn’t until 1949, thanks to The Netherlands’ Queen Wilhelmina, that we became Royal Talens. Here is another article that looks further into the same theory- from