The G-Series, LS-Series, RS-Series, and T-Series All-in-One SCARA robot lines provide payloads up to 20 kg, reaches ranging from 175 to 1000 mm, and precision down to 5 microns. For the first time, the German robotics and automation sector reached a total turnover of 15 billion euros in 2018, which represents 4% growth, according to the VDMA. You must be logged in before you can post a comment. Asparagus and cucumber grower Kotaro Ando says harvesting accounts for 50-60% of his work so the robot releases productive time for other activities such as sales promotion. picking asparagus spears is hard work and very bad for your back. In this paper, a prototype robotic harvester that is able to cope with the challenges of selective harvesting of green asparagus … We are also interested in contacting parties that can offer financial support in order to realise the project. Along the way we have been involved in a wide range of applications and projects. Manufacturer of low cost bench top robot arms with a unique approach to robotics. Submissions were judged on originality; innovation; impact on designers, integrators, and users; whether they fulfilled a fresh market need; whether they leveraged a novel technology, whether they increased productivity. The robot runs alongside the asparagus bed. This electric powered robot uses its infrared sensor to find ripe asparagus before carefully harvesting the stalks, ready and whole. Key figures for the asparagus sector:

a robotic asparagus-harvesting vehicle that uses image processing to identify and collect green asparagus at its optimal ripeness. However there has been a big increase in the use of robots for product testing. Taking the plunge into automation, however, can be confusing and daunting. The ISO15066 definition of a collaborative workspace is the operating space where the robot system and a human can perform tasks concurrently.

LMI Technologies showing 3D scanning and inspection solutions at Automate 2019. Today harvesting is done by seasonal workers, however, the increasing labour costs and the lack of available labour supply forces farmers to optimize the harvesting process and to introduce harvesting aids.

The machine was further developed in the asparagus season in 2019 and it can now be concluded that the tests went well. From assembly and pick-and-place to material handling and packaging, the use of robots is on the rise in factory automation. ISO 15066 is the emerging standard for collaborative robotics and covers all aspects of robot safety. Approved by Universal Robots as a UR+ end effector.

Robot orders in North America have increased compared to 2018. To inspect such products for defects requires automated machine vision systems that employ novel illumination and imaging techniques. ST Robotics has been making and selling low cost bench top robots for 3 decades. Vision system helps sort carrots Food sorting system manufacturer Odenberg (Dublin, Ireland) has developed a vision-based machine that can sort fruit and vegetables. The harvesting robot is being developed for asparagus growers or cooperatives. - Number of companies in the Netherlands 2016: 641 Shiny, reflective parts such as automobile fixtures and bathroom fittings are supplied in numerous sizes. Automate 2019: Four days of cutting-edge automation technology. The new Gocator 2500 series of 3D laser profilers provide scanning speeds of up to 10 kHz and are built for small parts inspection. Extremely customizable in even the most complex applications, automation systems are beneficial for a wide variety of reasons. Automotive OEMs have provided the largest growth sector, followed by the plastics and rubber and consumer goods industries. The need For some time, a number of asparagus growers have expressed the desire and the need to be able to harvest asparagus with a machine, but then selectively. If you have any questions and/or are interested in the concept, please get in touch with us. Our robots are not only affordable but are incredibly easy to use - anyone can apply and program an ST robot regardless of experience or lack of it thanks to our acclaimed manuals and tutorials and unlimited free technical support. User group Judging which spears to pick is subjective.