Please help if you don't mind sharring! That is way cool! great job. I have to say, I NEVER get tired of seeing this cake.


Thanks for sharing :D. This cake is so COOL 8) My son can solve these in minutes.

This is awesome.

What ar ethe demensions of the cake? Did you use fondant for the squares or is it all buttercream? Very good idea! Previous Weekend: Now, Rubik’s Cubes are smooth.

:D, ;-D I really love this´s wonderful. I had an 80's party last year and would have loved to have this idea then.

That's so cool!

I love Rubiks cube!!

to borrow the vernacular of the day, totally awesome, like, way kewl!

Nice work! Great job! Great Idea, so cool.

Absolutely Amazing!

It's fabulous!

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i would love to try this cake. : Ohhh, yes. Thanks! As my 11 yr old daughter would says that is so tight ! I would love to have more details on how to do this. I love it!!!

Very realisitic! (Did he try to solve it?). This is going into my favorite's for sure!!! [email protected] :USA: It is SOOOO cool!

Look so real! 4.0 out of 5 stars 24 ratings. For the white cubes, stack the slices, frosted sides touching. You done did good, Girlie! too cool. It's remarkable!!! Wow!! Thicker fondant will be easier to handle and will also cover up imperfections in the buttercream. How to Make a Totally Awesome Rubik's Cube Cake!

Buttercream icing, fondant squares. Buttercream icing, fondant squares. Drives me bonkers! My brother would love it! GREAT JOB !! Wow, this is a fantastic cake!

Wow!!! Love how vivid the colors are.

I love the colors. Repeat with the remaining fondant and cake cubes. A 6" cube should yield about 16ish servings. Yours is way cooler than anything I could have done. Did you use cover the cakes in black icing first? To assemble the cake, stack 9 cubes of varying color on a plate, spaced about ¼ inch (6 mm) apart. :D, This cake is fantastic!!!!!! A Rubik's Cube Cake to Celebrate the Iconic Puzzle's 40th Birthday Okay, maybe you don't want to celebrate the Rubik's Cube on its 40th, considering how darn frustrating it is to solve!

I am adding this to my favorites!!!!

he is such a techno geek. When you purchase a digital subscription to Cake Central Magazine, you will get an instant and automatic download of the most recent issue.

Great job!

This is so awsome.

p.s. WAY TO GO!!! GREAT JOB!!! Hey, that's very cool! This is just about, no IS the most perfect "game themed" cake I have ever seen! The ever infuriating Rubik's Cube.

It looks sooo real.

What are the measurements of the cube?

It looks EXACTLY like one! What a fabulous job!

The she sent me a link to a really great 80’s Party blog and asked if I would make a Rubik’s Cube cake. It looks perfect.


That is one perfect cake!! For the yellow cubes, sprinkle with the …

I LOVE IT!! of butter - 6 oz.

I love this cake! Regardless, I think we all hold a … Place a piece of chocolate squarely on top of the cubes.

Some of us are naturally gifted...most of us are not. I would roll out my fondant a little thinner then I would covering a round cake- probably no more then 1/8'' thick but its really up to you. Made as a groom's cake. Rubiks Cube Cake Mold – DIY Cookie Cutters Baking Supplies Cake Decorating Kit – Rotate Magic Cube Aluminum Alloy Molds – 3D Chocolate Fondant Pastry Dessert Mold for Birthday Party Christmas Festival Visit the Sunny seat Store.

Price: I still have the cube arranged the exact same way, sitting on my desk - lol.

my son loved it.

No doubt we have all spent a good deal of time on our favorite 80s toy.

My eyes dropped when I saw this! Sep 16, 2014 - Explore Fancy Fondant Cakes by Emily L's board "Rubik's cube cake", followed by 443 people on Pinterest. Cover a cube with the rolled out fondant on 5 sides, removing the excess fondant with a knife. awesome job, I bet the groom was very happy with the cake. Alas. Let me know if you have any questions :). Fantastic, colours look great! Rubix Cube Cake For 80's Birthday Party Theme, this is amazing. Way cool. You should be proud of yourself!!

My son is sitting here next to me going crazy over this cake!!!! haha.

I agree with ape...Never seen one nicely rendered as yours...I remember peeling off the stickers cause I could never get it! Probably the BEST Rubik's Cube I've seen! My brother-in-law loves rubik's cube. Waaaay cool cake!