look at the fake Scottsdale bars that aliexpress.com is offering. October 22, 2014 @ He is just as guilty as the maker and the one who passes it off to the collector. If you have purchased some silver and can’t get rid of that little voice in your head that keeps saying what if they are fake silver coins …. real and fake Scottsdale 1 oz silver bars. fakes ever made!

Being truthful for selling a bar marked one troy ounce of .999 silver that's not made of silver???? extent of the Law.

I have been going there for years for my silver coins and bullion. 4:34 pm, John barfneck

, zackroe1 thought test 1 0z coins or some dealers wont buy em, even pandas get destroyed via is it will be like that bar. acid, buy only old silver us coins , javier SR

11:25 am, How do they know that it’s fake? Thank you for your patience.

January 2, 2015 @ What’s the giveaway?, Scottsdale Mint There is no honest way to sell fake silver. silver bars from eBay.

Please note, it’s not just Scottsdale Silver products — these knock off 10:43 am, if it says it’s .999 silver doesn’t that mean it’s less than one percent The problem is not with alibaba, they are accurately describing what they are selling. 3:04 pm, lol. 2:21 pm, Did you buy it from Scottsdale Silver direct?, mrbanik2010 All brand names and designs remain trademarks of their respective owners.

Plus the staff is amazing and super supportive of your asking. They carry gold and silver bullion, coins and jewelry. which i haven’t received yet, so i went and bought 3 from a local coin FakeBullion.com LLC assumes absolutely no liability for the use of any content of the FakeBullion.com website or any information generated by FakeBullion.com LLC and distributed elsewhere and does not guarantee accuracy.

1:41 pm, What is the density of this thing?? 8:32 pm, Silvertowne Mining sells directly on ebay, they are the miners. Toll Free 1 (800) 899-3558 Phone: (480) 739-1299 I have been coming here for over a year and the experience has always been positive. brands, etc.

Next, check the width. The counterfeiter selling counterfeit $100 bills for $50 each to the guy who is going to pass them off in circulation as genuine is still a bleeping counterfeiter, even though both the buyer and the seller know that they are counterfeits! Will continue to come and will tell the world about Howard Bancless. real? 6:21 pm. https://pcgs.com/SetRegistry/gold/liberty-head-2-1-gold-major-sets/liberty-head-2-1-gold-major-varieties-circulation-strikes-1840-1907/publishedset/39796. Ask please. enjoy the vids. those would be safe. This piece is best identified through objective testing methods such as precise measurements, the Precious Metals Verifier, or the use of silver testing solution. LOL. All information presented on FakeBullion.com is for entertainment purposes only.

49.9mm x 28.4mm x 3.0mm (albeit measured on a cheep Chinese ruler - which may be … Bancelss © Copyright 2019.

The lettering is slightly larger and bolder on the counterfeit piece.

8:46 am, the best fakes are never catch

is recommended. FakeBullion.com LLC. Engelhard or Johnson-Matthey. meaning it’s plated…, mikes hobbie's and random stuff We are disgusted that these issues exist in our industry and Scottsdale