Great food brings people together, and the paramount goal of Uncharted is to grow and maintain our vibrant and supportive community. The conference dates will stay on President’s Day Week, with an exception in 2021 due to “MAGIC” reserving much of the convention space in the city for their international apparel show. This conference is included in the Vet Education Annual Webinar Membership!As a Vet Education Webinar Member, your membership benefits will include exclusive access to the Online Veterinary Conference – at no extra cost! Treatments require hospitalization, isolation to prevent further spread, antibiotics for secondary infections and supportive therapies, according to the symposium. After many years of study, she gained the designation as a Certified Veterinary Practice Manager in November of 2017. Everyone was so friendly and genuinely wanted to help you succeed! Wide range of topics including small animal, equine, practice management and more! According to the Western Veterinary Conference, which I attended last week one company was introducing a Breed Identification Test that will allow your veterinarian to unlock the mystery of the primary breeds involved in a mixed breed dog. We get together to collaborate and share ideas and solutions. Moving the WVC Annual Conference back to February means more reasonable hotel room rates and increased availability and less competition with other major conferences in the United States #1 ranked Trade Show destination,” stated David Little, WVC, Chief Executive Officer. David has been a trainer and educator for more than 15 years and strives to make veterinary teams as engaged and productive as possible. We’re beyond excited to announce Vet Show @ Home, the first virtual CE conference that’s actually fun, practical, and 100% free to attend for all members of the veterinary community. Senani Ratnayake is an RVT who discovered her niche after realizing that many of her colleagues had chosen veterinary medicine because they loved animals, and didn’t really like humans that much! This unique view into the techniques and principles that are actually making the most impact drive his classes to be extremely relevant and empowering as the content is drawn from actual experience. Philip is also co-founder, and director of Vet Education Pty Ltd ( – one of Australia’s leading providers of online continuing education for veterinarians and veterinary nurses. Like most other companies that provide products, equipment or services to veterinary professionals, Pets Best insurance was at the two largest conferences recently, North American Veterinary Conference and Western Veterinary Conference. It’s a community of people that aren’t afraid to share their failures along with their successes. Jenn GalvinGSD SpeakerUVC SpeakerElizabeth “Betsy” Charles, DVM, MA She is the Social Media Manager for and the Uncharted Veterinary Conferences, and also manages her own brand, “Vet Tech Kelsey”. Mark co-own’s two practices on Long Island, NY, Levittown Animal Hospital and Farmingdale Dog and Cat Clinic. He has completed a law degree from the University of Nebraska, is the president of the American Veterinary Medical Law Association (AVMLA), and on the board of directors of the Nebraska Veterinary Medical Association. Philips key interests in veterinary science include respiratory emergencies, ventilation therapy, envenomations, and toxicology. I am happy to report that the response was overwhelmingly positive and even jubilant by many of my colleagues that I was back in the industry. Her mission is to empower veterinary professionals to take control of their own emotional well being which then creates an environment where wellness is the norm and not the exception for the entire veterinary team. To access details about WVC Annual Conference registration, special announcements, workshops, labs and activities, visit Dr. Zeltzman is a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons, a Certified Veterinary Journalist, and an award-winning writer. are 10-minute TED Talk-style presentations by our members about successes, failures and lessons learned in their own practices. Leon is a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Anesthesia and Analgesia, a Member of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists anaesthesia chapter and an Australasian Veterinary Boards Council registered specialist in anaesthesia. And in return, dogs give us their all.