Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality downloads of Right now, that band is unstoppable. Agrimonia, Dopesmoker BIG|BRAVE, Terminal More recently, Anderson has put out increasing numbers of faster hardcore and crust punk recordings, but the truth is that from its formative years, the Southern Lord roster has always featured a wide breadth of sonic explorers, from ambient artists through very heavy metal and post-metal acts to jazz fusion in the form of Fontanelle’s Vitamin F. Early on, Anderson decided that he wouldn’t let his label be pigeonholed into one specific style of music. SUNN O))), Forever Becoming (2019 Remix)

Matthew Boe, May Our Chambers Be Fullby Emma Ruth Rundle & Thou, supported by 138 fans who also own “A Gaze Among Them”, Te atrapa como una corriente, tenaz y sosegadamente. babysugarbag, Howling, For The Nightmare Shall Consumeby Integrity, The thundering new release from the legendary Integrity is a vision of Armageddon, full of blazing riffs and hairpin turns. A Seattle native who had “basically gotten sick” of his hometown, Anderson had relocated to Los Angeles when invited to play in the rhythm section for one of his favorite bands, The Obsessed. Lies, Rutiinin Orja Undercurrent by Friendship, released 14 June 2019 1. Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. At various points in the imprint’s history, Southern Lord has been associated in the semi-popular imagination with certain specific subgenres of metal. Plague 8. Abandon 6. Pleasure, Pain, Disease 2. The human soul is capable of seemingly anything both high and low; this is an expression of both. Anderson is so smitten with Earth that he asked them to perform the music for his wedding march. Five veterans bashing out their own new version of post-hardcore; world-weary perspective, fresh, urgent, crackling with feeling. Uniform Choice - Build To Break 4. We had a couple of records that did really well. Southern Lord Spring 2017 compilation. Carlos J Lozano, A skull-smasher from Deathcomet, this is sonic horror at its finest, submerging you in the netherworld between ambient and noise. Power Trip, Rites of Separation Proceeds to benefit the ACLU.

Poison Idea, BBC Session 2011 Anno Domini Martyrdöd, Manegarmr Hessian (A.D.), Damned BIG | BRAVE to release their fourth full length A Gaze Among Them on Southern Lord this May. Jesus Piece, White1 (2018 Remastered Edition) alongside material by other cult artists including Church Of Misery, Sourvein, Darkest Hour, and Nick Oliveri’s Mondo Generator. Terrestrials

Okkultokrati, Sort Sind follow following unfollow. That was one of those bucket list records, one that I had listened to since the moment I got my hands on it back in the late ’90s. Proceeds to benefit the ACLU. Pelican, HATRED Power Trip - Nightmare Logic 3. Pelican, Chronomega While Sunn O))) haven’t entirely abandoned that blueprint, by 2009’s Monoliths & Dimensions their material had reached a whole new level of intense intricacy. Stream JESUS PIECE’s Ashe Kilbourne remix of “Punish” HERE. Vertigo 3. All hail the true lords. Halshug - Sort Sind 5. Bandcamp Album of the Day May 6, 2019, supported by 132 fans who also own “A Gaze Among Them”, Visceral and beautiful, cutting deep and making sure you understand why. Eagle Twin, Awaken A Gaze Among Them by BIG|BRAVE, released 10 May 2019 1. In terms of ambition, stylistic diversity, and sheer righteous power, “Magus” is going to be a tough magic act for any band to follow. “From an outsider’s perspective, someone who doesn’t know this music would probably think it all sounds the same anyways,” he admits. southernlord. Uniform Choice - Build To Break 4.

Southern Lord Spring 2017 compilation. The trio’s label at the time were completely baffled by it. The Texas band's debut lives up to the persistent buzz.

Body Individual 4. Proceeds to benefit the ACLU. Anna von Hausswolff, Astronaut

To be fair, that’s exactly what Southern Lord did next. Caspar Brotzmann Massaker, Gloom Ballet Hatred Wolfpack, Allday Hell

Never give up the struggle. I knew about the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal influence, done within a prog framework, that they’re famous for. Bandcamp New & Notable Oct 24, 2020, Neoclassical composer and multidisciplinary artist Alex Norelli makes haunting work on deconstructed electric versions of classical strings. I don’t know. Axis of Despair, Beacon of Faith Anna von Hausswolff, Crush the Machine Vitamin X, NMC17 , and , . [But] I myself am not limited to one style of music, just like I don’t eat pizza or Italian food every single day. Caspar Brotzmann Massaker, The Tribe

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SUNN O))), Day Late, Dollar Short For Anderson and Southern Lord, “2017 was definitely one of our best years ever.

Earth, Black One Bowl Ethereal, s/t Pelican, Hexhammaren A Place Of Insane Cruelty 7. Wolves In The Throne Room, God Is War by Southern Lord Spring Sampler 2017, released 27 February 2017 1. GUST, Endless Struggle/We Must Rebel/I Hate Myself The way it was played—so slowly and carefully at a glacial pace—was in the same vein as their early work. Southern Lord Spring 2017 compilation. Pelican, Sentenced To Life Naturally, Bandcamp Daily deemed it top of the lot. Abyssal Plain 4.

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