A clear varnish is a better outdoor wood finish for pine, or you could go with tung oil, though it will take many coats. Read Time : 5 Minutes. These will be the test run, and if I like the look I will probably build another couple in nicer wood. I just finished building an outdoor table with Fir and needed something to finish it with. I think it might work better than the store bought conditioner because Charles is water base and the store bought is oil base which means the oil in the finish can break it down. Thanks for all the comments guys, I think I will try and find something like epiphanes. I'd use a good 2 pack polyurethane varnish after stripping and sanding, starting with thinned coat to aid adhesion. I have used Daly’s Ben Matte (a Danish type oil that you wet sand) on solid pine and it worked nicely. It's not going to hold up well at all on its own. It is old and has no knots so I suspect it is pitch pine. We didn’t think we needed…. It's a crappy finish in my opinion.

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Eyes, ears, fingers, and... Are you looking for or do you have tips to share regarding the workshop? Variety is the Spice of Life!! There are occasions wherein teak oil also utilizes a minute amount of Tung oil into its composition.

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You can use it on any wood. Take the hose again and rinse the furniture thoroughly – making sure to leave no detergent on the wood.

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Need a break from all the standing and wood dust? I was planning on giving it a try on a picnic table this summer.

-- Thanks Ed “A bad day woodworking is better than a good day working. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Contrast the color of this 20-year-old handmade teak coffee table, finished with Watco Danish Oil, with the still-natural teak color of the dining table at left. http://www.solventfreepaint.ca/i/varnish-lg.gif.

| Privacy Policy I am in the process of building a couple of adirondack chairs out of pine and have a supply of Minwax teak oil to use up. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Actually googling it leads me to believe it doesn’t even have Varnish in it, just linseed oil, a chemical dryer and thinner.

Stick with us and you’ll have an aged teak product that looks beautiful as opposed to the mould and mildew infested one in the opening photo at the top of this post that you’re very likely to end up with if you listen to the host of other, misguided, ‘teak oil lovers,’ elsewhere on the internet today. EdThe way to find out how if it will work is to try some on a scrap piece of ply or in an area that won’t be seen. 3 to 4 coatings of oil should suffice, with excess oil being wiped away after application. I've used it on my counter tops, and after it cures/dries (about 2 to 3 weeks) it repels water quite well (about 7 coats). Latest Forum Topics.

New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the woodworking community. a challenge, perhaps? the mold will feed off the BLO. I’m sure this will work on your project, but it’s not going to look any different than diluted BLO. Why not take a look at our range of Teak Garden Furniture? Manage Consent. Misc.

Latest Projects | It brings out the beauty of wood and also acts as a protective coating due to its UV ray resistance and its ability to prevent water stains. The oil is a blend of linseed, tung, soya oils and other components to protect wooden surfaces both indoors and outdoors.

you will find if you apply anything with boiled linseed oil, it will encourage mold in … You must log in or register to reply here. I actually made this mistake once, and I have since tried different finishes and have had much better results. It’s probably not going to look any different than any other danish oil blend though.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. “It really annoys me when I see other, so called expert retailers, promoting the use of Teak Oil – it is, quite simply, misguided and, what’s worse, totally misleading for their customers.”. Chat with your Forum Friends about their projects, their life, thei... https://www.artisticwoodstudio.com/videos, Box-making: question about pre-finishing the interior, Stumpy Nubs Woodworking Journal- For woodworkers of all levels (part 6).

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As to teak oil, to make it would require squeezing teak trees, or using the distilling methods use for extracting oils.

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Similar to teak oil, I think.

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Add to the above, many thin their pine tar and boiled linseed oil finish with more turpentine for the initial coats, as above, to get better penetration, then they cut back for the final coat(s).

Having difficulties reading project plans? teak wood is very resistant to weather/environmental related decay. This oil possesses a potent penetrating property and is recommended for protection of … Seek professional advice/confirmation before acting on such at all times.

It goes on easily and imparts a warm glow and hand-rubbed appearance. I have no problem reapplying each year when i put it away in the fall, which is probably required from what I have read. Use International Woodskin. Danish oil formulated for specifically for wood is 1/3 thinner combined with 1/3 varnish and 1/3 linseed oil. It is your responsibility to provide references to bona fide sources. JavaScript is disabled. Although teak is renowned for ageing gracefully due to the natural presence of protective oils it is still susceptible to mould and mildew growth, particularly when humid conditions are prevalent.