Fans are disappointed up to some extent as Fazer series was known for its amazing design while practicality can even be achieved from the current design. Cycle World rides all the key new motorcycles, providing inside looks and helping you decide which new adventure, cruiser, sportbike, off-road, standard, or touring model is the right choice for you.

If you ride this bike in city up-to 80-90km/hr than it feels "OK" but If you ride on highway above 100km/h you feel like bike is struggling to get top end. © Copyright TopSpeed. I really like the automatic cam-chain tensioner. top speed of yamaha fz 250. No doubt Fz25 reaches 120+ km/hr but not that much smoothly. See our review of the Honda Rebel 300 / Rebel 500. Because in same price you have other options like RS-200, NS-200. In this price segment quality+mileage wise+ "YAMAHA" :-) this is best. Stay up to date with all the latest 2019 and 2020 motorcycles as they are announced. Vanilla suspension is a constant across the board, as are rear drum brakes. You can ride roughly without worry. Highlights of this bike’s design include-, The new Yamaha 250cc bike will rival the following models in India-.

Suzuki doesn’t waste any time with trying to make the engine deliver an aesthetic component to the design, but runs with an air-cooled, 249 cc thumper that claims a top speed of 75 mph. Not a big difference, but one that might sway folks on a tight budget. The split seats too look well cushioned and definitely comfortable for long rides. The Yamaha FZ25 sits above the FZ16 and almost alongside the YZF R15 in Yamaha’s product portfolio. Wire wheels set the stage for the intended era with blackout treatment on the rims, fork sliders, headlight can and instrument housing to make a connection to the old-school custom bikes. All images featured on this website are copyrighted to their respective rightful owners.

Again, that’s adequate. When you put on the brakes, you engage the 282 mm single front disc and rear drum brakes.

All Rights Reserved, Introducing the $1000 TopSpeed Student Scholarship, Dual shocks; adjustable preload, 3.9-inch travel, Air-cooled, SOHC 60-degree V-twin, two valves per cylinder, 2.5 gallons / California model 2.4 gallons. The upcoming Yamaha Motorcycle definitely will leave a huge impact on the Indian market if priced aggressively. Helpful (0) 3 Answers; Share this answer. Although no details of the powertrain is available at this moment but some reports states that the motorcycle will get a completely new powertrain or it could also borrow the same powertrain from the R25. Also See- Yamaha FZ-25 Details, Also See – Yamaha FZ25 vs Yamaha Fazer 250. Chrome details accent the engine and side covers to give it that ’big-bike’ look, but no matter the look, it’s still a 250. At age 11 when bicycles were too simple to hold her interest any longer, her father found her taking apart the lawn mower.

The engine comes mated to a 5-speed gearbox. The motorcycle further also gets duel disc brake setup for both its front and rear. Husky’s white arrow hits the bullseye for its eye-catching style. Coming to the price although Yamaha is known for its steep pricing which is well reflected through some of their products like the R15 or the R3 however you can expect this motorcycle to be priced quite aggressively. Like the Fazer, the upcoming Yamaha bike, likely to be called Fazer 250, also has a semi-faired look with the engine exposed. Although we are not sure about some other features but you can expect the following features on the motorcycle like:-. I did, however, make particular note that the 249 cc engine is a V-twin. The V Star 250 is a good entry-level bike and with a 250 cc engine that has fuel economy rated at 78 mpg, it is a contender for your choice of an economically sound cruiser. After first service for few days engine was feeling smooth but after some time it started to feel same as before. Yamaha introduced the second generation FZ in India in 2014 and although the motorcycle was equipped with fuel injection technology the motorcycles overall power output was reduced because the overall displacement of the engine was reduced as well to make it more fuel efficient. One of my good friend having Mahindra mojo(has 6th gear) decided to ride along. Read on for Yamaha Fazer 250 Launch date, Price, Specifications, Features, Images, Mileage, etc. The motorcycle was first expected with a dual headlight design but soon, spy shots of the same carrying a single headlight started arriving. Mahindra Mojo will perhaps be its biggest rivals.

Although we all know that this motorcycle definitely is the more powerful FZ variant but the overall styling of the motorcycle actually looks quite confusing.

The front profile of the motorcycle looks similar to MT03. I have the pleasure of raising a 2011 model FZ-16 from production. It gets worse for Suzuki at the checkout.

Not if you want a decent-looking economical ride. The model seen here in spy shots suggests the Fazer 250 is almost ready for production. The long-stroke engine gives ample low rpm torque to get you off the line in a jiffy, and the wide-geared transmission gives you higher top speed at lower rpm on the highway, but you’ll have to really wind it up to get it there. The White Arrow with a bit more kinetic energy behind it. I did my bike's first service at 1050 km. We will update you with more details as soon as the motorcycle is launched in the Indian market in 2017. Peak torque of 20 Nm comes in at 6000 RPM.

The images of the bike we have here reveal alloy wheels similar to the ones on the FZ25. Suzuki doesn’t waste any time with trying to make the engine deliver an aesthetic component to the design, but runs with an air-cooled, 249 cc thumper that claims a top speed of 75 mph. The front headlamps get sharp designing unlike the ones found in the current FZ version 2.0. Yamaha FZ25 Price 1.19 lakh, Top Speed -145, Mileage - 38 KMPL, Specifications, Review, Images, Features, of Yamaha FZ250 cc bike in India Displacement: 249 cc (Est.)

We expect Yamaha to launch the new Fazer in India by the 2017 festive season. Be the first to write a review for Yamaha Fazer 250, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC, forward-inclined parallel 4-cylinder, Bikes With Features Similar to Yamaha Fazer 250. No doubt about it; the Yamaha V-Star 250 was built to compete against other import machines such as the Honda Rebel or Suzuki TU250X, but since the former recently underwent a major overhaul and modernization, I decided to roll with the latter. Year: 2017. First ride review of the 2014 Yamaha FZ-09, a seriously fun motorcycle at an incredibly bargain ... 2014 Yamaha FZ-09 three-cylinder revealed. The best part is that it has got a massive 21 litre fuel tabk which actually makes it ideal for touring. Mojo was very smooth till 100km/h and higher in 5th gear but fz25 was struggling.

The new Yamaha Fazer 250 launch is likely to take place by the 2017 festive season. Both the quarter liter motorcycles (FZ25 and Fazer 25) carry INR 10,000 of price difference and exactly identical yet highly practical frame under their visible body types. There’s nothing jackassey about it. The current Suzuki TU250X rolls for $4,649 to leave a $300 margin in favor of the V Star. I feel only lack of 6th gear. However, this one gets a more elaborate fairing. Futuristic looking and flat-track inspired. All rights reserved. When models becomes available to the team, the editors tear into these bikes, putting them on the motorcycle dyno, logging miles to review them, and eventually comparing similar models to find out the Ten Best.

Now the point is should you buy this bike or not ?? Mind-blowing Yamaha, I really salute you for making such an amazing bike Also See- Yamaha R15 V3.0 | Yamaha Saluto RX | Yamaha Fazer V2.0. Expect the upcoming Fazer 250 to cost a few thousands more. In fact, the bike has also been spotted sans camouflage recently indicating it is almost ready for launch. When he asked why she was doing it, she replied, “I need to see how it works.” That curiosity and mechanical drive served her well over the next 40 years as she pursued careers in both the automotive and motorcycle industries. So there should be 6th gear definitely.

It is a single-cylinder 249cc engine.

Following in the footsteps of the FZ and Fazer siblings, the new Fazer 250 will be identical to FZ 25 fuel tank onwards. The front profile of the motorcycle looks similar to MT03. Comfort is outstanding its worth it. If it had moving parts, it had Allyn's interest from a very early age. No heat issue, Mileage is really good( My bike is giving 40km/ltr), looks great. If you love weekend touring, nothing will prove better than this new Yamaha Fazer 25. Lightweight body, LED lights, Wide tyres, Dual Channel ABS, 2 Years or 30,000 kms (whichever is earlier).