Wolves are apex predators -- the top of the food chain -- so they are vitally important in maintaining healthy ecosystems. Lions have vanished from 80% of their historical range and are now gone from over 27 countries they once inhabited. Proceeds from Earth will help CCI develop and implement ‘Carbon Farming Plans’ for farms and ranches, identifying the potential of their soils to pull carbon out of the atmosphere and put it into the ground, where it can improve soil health and increase farm productivity and resilience. Learn more about the organizations below or head to the store and pick up some Earth merch.

However, increased temperatures and domestic livestock production threatens Australia's iconic species. Their efforts include supporting renewable energy projects on Native lands, and regenerative and equitable community development solutions. We’ll keep you up to date on the most important developments and how you can make a difference! If we shift to 100% renewable energy, protect nature on land and sea and transform how we grow our food we can have an amazing future on Planet Earth.

Oceans will be destroyed, super storms will become even more super, cities will flood, the air will suck, and we’ll run out of food and energy. Greta, and now students all over the world, continue to strike every Friday using the hashtags #FridaysForFuture and #ClimateStrike to protest their government’s inaction and demand that we transform our energy system, reduce our emissions, and prevent the worst effects of climate change. The Quick Response Fund for Nature (QRFN) was established to address this critical gap, focusing on protecting the last homes of rare and endangered species. And cop some sustainable Earth merch to help us raise even more money and wear your support for your planet proudly. While pork has a much lower climate impact than beef, factory farming of pigs is often very inhumane.

Proceeds from Earth will support Global Greengrants. As the song gets more and more streams, not only will we all become more aware, but we’ll also generate more and more profits to donate to various environmental organizations. Transitioning to 100% renewable energy is essential for addressing climate change and increasing the quality of life for people around the world. They also allege that the government has failed in its duty to protect essential public trust resources.

Hemp is a quick grower so it does not need the same amount of fertilizers as many other plants. Despite this diversity, baboons are quickly losing viable habitats due to overgrazing, agricultural expansion, irrigation projects, and human impacts. You may see small squirrels every day but one of the largest squirrels – the Delmarva Peninsula Fox Squirrel -- has been on the endangered species list since 1967.

Some of us take nature for granted! In large lion prides, each lioness gives birth at around the same time so suckling can be done by any lactating lioness. Przewalski's horse, resembling a domesticated pony, is found today in Mongolia and China and is considered the only species of horse never to be domesticated. And on top of that, one-third of the Earth’s soils that are dedicated to those food systems are severely degraded by our actions. Join the movement by supporting organizations and communities on the ground fighting to protect this irreplaceable ecosystem. We’ll keep you up to date on the most important developments and how you can make a difference! Lil Dicky’s newest single “Earth†debuted just before Earth Day 2019 and focuses on climate change, pollution and society’s impact on the planet. Lil Dicky's Friends. The black rhino population is nearly extinct, and the four other species of rhinos found in Africa and Asia are disappearing at an astounding rate due to black market demand for their horns, which some very dumb people still believe can increase male virility. The soils can be restored.

The next two years are going to be super important for our planet with two major United Nations conventions coming up at the end of 2020 – one on Climate Change change and one on Biological Diversity. The Leuser Ecosystem is 6.5 million acres of rainforest on the island of Sumatra, and the last place on earth where orangutans, rhinos, elephants, and tigers still exist together in the wild. So we need to band together to make sure the world’s governments guarantee a healthy, thriving environment for everyone. So share the heck out of it! Carbon Cycle Institute works with farmers who have been impacted by climate change and soil degradation, helping them to restore their soils through carbon farming and rangeland management. The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation will distribute this support to specific organizations across three pillars connected to solving climate change—nature, energy and farming. Baboons live in surprisingly varied habitats and are extremely adaptable. All their pooping and peeing builds soil carbon and can be used to revitalize wildlife habitat. Hey, sometimes we forget that celebrities are Earthlings too. Their numbers are declining, and their population numbers are estimated to have decreased by 40% over the last three decades.

Proceeds from Earth will benefit the Shark Conservation Fund which is dedicated to halting the exploitation of the world’s sharks and rays and preventing their extinction. The Earth is run by our friends at the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. When compost is applied to lands, it increases carbon sequestration and nutrients in the soil and our food. “The Earth” is an awesome new email list that will give you a monthly curation of the most interesting environmental stories from around the world and what you can do to make a difference to protect our planet. Click on the dots to see some of the great organizations working to teach carbon farming and regenerative agriculture methods to farmers. Humans are the most populous large mammal on Earth, there are over 7.6 Billion of us!

This type of fungus exists entirely underground and accelerates carbon storage in forests. And they all love living on this planet just like all of us. And now look at Lil Dicky, he’s a rapper/actor/model as a result. The species was nearly wiped out after WWII and was considered extinct in the wild, but successful breeding and reintroduction programs have saved this endangered animal, though they are still threatened by agricultural encroachment. Without healthy forests, oceans and other natural ecosystems, we would be utterly doomed here on Earth. Pigs are a highly intelligent and beloved farm animal, but there are just too many on Earth – over 750 million raised to make pork. According to the United Nations, food systems account for about one-third of the greenhouse gas emissions responsible for climate change. Clams play key roles in ocean ecosystems by improving water quality, removing nitrogen from coastal waters, and sequestering carbon. Love, and we love the Earth (The Earth) Oh, yeah, baby, I love the Earth I love this planet Hey, Russia, we're cool Hey, Asia, all of you, c'mon Every one of you from the plains to the Sahara Let's come together and live Hum-dum-dum-dae-dum, hum-dum-dum-dae-dum 우-우-우리는 지구를 사랑해요 Amamos la tierra … SHAWN MENDES We're just some rhinos, horny has heck. Today, only 20,000 are left and they roam less than 80% of their former range. They have an extremely corrosive stomach acid that allows them to consume rotting animal corpses, which might otherwise infect nearby animals and people.

We share much of the same DNA with our cousins – gorillas, bonobos, chimpanzees, and orangutans – with some notable differences, in particular very large brains and very little fur.

Koalas are listed by the IUCN as one of the 10 most vulnerable species to climate change as increased temperatures and drought push them out of their habitat.

Lurking beneath the icy permafrost layer of the Arctic tundra are trillions of these organisms.