No wonder that Lenin and Trotsky were highly incensed by Kautsky's criticism. of an after-life was exceedingly vivid: the piety of the Egyptians in the later days was a matter of wonder and scoffing to their contemporaries; it is generally agreed that certain features in the development of Christianity are to be traced to Egypt as their birthplace and nidus. Actually, Alex did look into her eyes a lot – and his gaze wandered over her face sometimes in a way that left her wondering what was on his mind. If you're stuck creatively, struggling with a difficult step, or wondering where to purchase the cake topper that will complete the design, cake designing websites can help. If you're wondering how to make baby food, you'll be delighted to know that the process is actually very simple. Are you wondering, "How does divorce mediation work?". All Rights Reserved. Wondering if a stamp and scrapbooking convention is right for you? If you are wondering how to purchase MDNO stock, the first thing you need to know is that it is no longer the ticker symbol for Modern Energy Corporation. According to this, the question mark would be used in OP's example to prompt for an answer (indicated by intonation in the spoken form) but not if the 'question' were rhetorical. If you can replace “if” in the sentence by “whether”, what follows is not a conditional clause, so the future can be expressed using “will”: correct I am not sure whether he will be there tomorrow.

And if it sets us wondering if God cares any longer, we get spiritually weary too. You may be wondering how so many terrible things can be caused by smoking tobacco. Toby shook his head and started forward again, wondering when Ully had lost his sense of humor. If you are wondering, "Can I read text messages online?" As we walked along, I was wondering whether I should broach the subject once more. But I was so shrewdly taxed with posing as a strong-minded woman and a philosopher that one fine day I said to myself, ` What, I wonder, is philosophy?'. It is little wonder that men who could tame and handle the reptiles gained esteem and influence. Similar words: wandering, rendering, laundering, wonder, wonderful, small wonder that, commander in chief, doddering. Dean just smiled, wondering how Ginger and Joseph would know where brother and sister-in-law were if they themselves hadn't lied like the proverbial rug and done the exact same thing as the pair they were accusing.

She gave him a withering look, wondering what crack he was smoking to think he did her any favor by bringing her here instead of to a hospital. If you are wondering what kind of makeup goes with a yellow prom dress, you'll be happy to know that there are several cosmetic tips and tricks that will help you to look your very best in this color! The wonder of it all is not in the writing, but in the subject itself.

And when you get around to wondering, Lori had enough respect for you and I that she wouldn't horn in on our relationship, either. She watched him, wondering when he had aged so much. I wonder if they would treat me nicely if I went there again. I'm also wondering how long ago she was spayed, and if there's any connection to her current behavior? After the fifth goal-mouth scramble in 10 minutes I was starting to wonder. If you are wondering, "How is alimony calculated?"

Anyway, I was wondering if not only he liked me, but if it is possible for a 7th grader to go out with a 9th grader or is it to weird? There are a lot of people down here wondering what happened to you... and if you'll ever get back down this way again.

Wondering where to buy Soban keychains so you can show off all your pictures conveniently and without worrying about wear and tear on the original pictures? Lena frowned, wondering if the doc's adrenaline gun had overcharged her and made her hallucinate. It's just that sometimes I wonder what is more important in your life - your career or me. "I wonder how I can get my car back on the road," she mused, and felt relieved when his attention returned to the car. Which makes me wonder how funny anybody who hadn't hit puberty by 1985 can possibly find The Wedding Singer. Having a list and an idea of what you would like to get each person before you get to the store eliminates the amount of time you would spend wandering through the mall wondering what gifts to buy. He spent some time in the music room, but was unable to concentrate, so ended up downstairs at 2:30 a.m., wondering where she could be and whether or not she felt lonely. I am wondering whether this is common everywhere, or whether this is a unique situation. Nicole Richie is joining her young Hollywood cohorts in the news again -- this time it's her erratic and unusual behavior that has everyone wondering what's wrong with The Simple Life star? After a few pints they wonder how the game is going, so they get the landlord to put the teletext on. She gazed up at him, idly wondering when he was going to release her. Many investors are wondering how to buy gold the safest way in an economy that is struggling and with the American dollar that is slipping in terms of worth. Deidre couldn't help wondering how the woman was able to ask such favors after hurting her so badly. "Sofi?" Humor, music and eye-popping acrobatics leave the audience wide-eyed with wonder. No wonder if these conquests generated in the minds of the Venetians and the Pisans fresh jealousy against Genoa, and provoked fresh wars; but the struggle between Genoa and Pisa was brought to a disastrous conclusion for the latter state by the battle of Meloria in 1284. "I wonder what she's planning," Gabe said. She removed her gloves, wondering about the slow flush that was darkening his somber features. Filter. No wonder she had felt so harried for the last few months. This way, not matter what situation arises, you won't have to waste time wondering what style will look best, as you'll have at least three separate looks to choose from.

I must admit I was wondering where our next stroke of bad luck was going to come from over the closing laps. I wonder if there is debris blocking it in the back pasture. A consummate showman, he displays childlike wonder at his own feats. Her throat tightened, and she began to wonder if there were another away. Random … Gabriel was gone. I do not wonder you were surprised to hear that I was going to write something for the report. seventh heaven: no wonder the stage hooked him that night.

So it was all into David's limousine (no wonder Ratman looked so ratty if all the money was being spent like this! And small wonder that the film versions worked so well with such detailed storyboards to which they could refer.

I am wondering if there are any tips you have for eyeliner and/or eye shadow? It's such pain, you know, that I wonder how he can bear it. No wonder Justin had concocted the story about working on a poultry farm. DUI's, assaults and whatnot have many wondering why is Keifer Sutherland so angry? Under the circumstances, we cannot wonder if the frontier fortresses fell to pieces, and the border troops, unpaid for years, took to brigandage. She lay down on the pebble- strewn dirt, wondering if death was anything like living in the catacombs. If you grew up in the 1980s, you may find yourself wondering whatever happened to Phoebe Cates from time to time. Under these conditions it is no wonder that the electorate not only completely lost its political importance, but also suffered a considerable diminution of territory. If your cat has been diagnosed with FeLV, you are probably wondering exactly what feline leukemia treatment entails. I wonder whom you are destined 1 ako army mail web for. he called, wondering if her mind-talking would work from the divine world. After her conversation with Xander, she couldn't help wondering if there was something more that made Darian seek her out or made her willing to humor him. While bedbugs were once thought to be instinct, they are now back, leaving many people wondering where to buy insecticides for bedbugs! Lana shook her head, wondering what kind of man thought of chocolate at such a time. If you're a beginning scrapbooker, you may find yourself wondering if there is a rule that you must have a title on every layout. nosy bastard for wondering what the hell was going on next to me on the train today? Now that you have educated yourself on the many health benefits of flaxseed oil, you may be wondering how to incorporate it into your diet. Your bookshelves may be filled with children's books, so you may be wondering why even ask the question, "Why should I read kid books online?".