Konami It is a sequel to 2006's Xyanide And despite the fact that the story seems to be standard sci-fi fare, it's been animated with an impressive level of detail. E3

We'll be back with a full review upon the game's release.

The preview build showed off 35 pieces of development artwork, which demonstrates the visualization process that the developers went through to attain the distinctive look of the game.


Guy Cocker Activision All it needs now is the right price- around $20 to $30- to get its audience in gear for some thumb-blistering action.

Use the L button to fire lock-on lasers (more powerful as they get fully charged) and then use the R button to switch off between less-powerful spread fire and more focused missiles.

The presentation works well for the Xbox, and should do just fine for the PSP as well. As for extras, Resurrection will allow two players to take on all the xyanide-driven creatures, just like the Xbox game. Grand Theft Auto Playstation Namco It's basically the score attack mode with an added level of competition, where you must shoot down as many enemies as possible within a set time frame. Portátil Hardcore shmup fans are a demanding bunch, with Japanese developer Treasure more or less cornering the market. Before you start, you're able to buy and sell weapons and upgrades in order to customise your ship to specific demands. You'll need to switch between weapons pretty constantly in order to defeat a great deal of enemies, as the missiles seem to have more of an effect on the boss at the end of the level.

PC However, along the way, a strange comet made up of the material known as xyanide strikes the ship and gives the witch unexpected power, forcing the player to face all kinds of odds in defeating her and her newfound compatriots.

Got a news tip or want to contact us directly? You can also equip a shield generator and a magnet for pulling in Xyanide to replenish your health. You've been given the task of transporting an intergalactic witch who's done some great wrong-doing on innocents to her doom, a black hole where she'll be sealed up forever. Warner

Playstation 2 All it needs now is the right price- around $20 to $30- to get its audience in gear for some thumb-blistering action. Xyanide Resurrection for PSP game reviews & Metacritic score: (Currently available in the UK/EU only) Xyanide Resurrection is a Shoot ‘em up that combines the fun … psp; preview Square Enix Your craft has up to four slots to play with, and the preview build allowed us to try out regular guns, lasers, and shotguns, as well as the more powerful rocket launcher. xbox360 Now it looks like the Xyanide madness is continuing on the PSP, leaving me with yet another game to reserve. Xyanide Resurrection made its first appearance on the Xbox this year, and already PlayLogic is developing a PSP prequel. Xbox. Old-school shooting action is coming to the PSP, complete with an intergalactic witch. But we can find out whether PlayLogic has what it takes to compete when Xyanide Resurrection launches in Q1 2007 with a budget price tag. It's a bit more challenging than you might think. DLC electronic entertainment expo PSP While the preview build didn't feature the game's story mode, we did get to play through three levels to sample some of the level designers' outlandish creations. Quick play allows you to dip into any of the single levels that you've unlocked in the game, while in the score attack mode, you need to get as many points as possible in a set amount of time. Electronic Arts Bonuses are available for killchains, with the most points attained by killing multiple enemies within two seconds of each other. It's a bit strange, but it plays like Geometry Wars once you get the hang of it, and it looks like this play style will work well for the PSP, between its analog stick (for control) and its buttons (for shooting). PS Vita Well, up until a few weeks ago, neither had I. I stumbled across a listing in upcoming games for the title, which was soon to hit the Xbox, and as soon as I saw the word "shooter", I decided to do a little digging. Warcraft Bioshock

Xyanide Resurrection is also set to offer bonus features for those who explore everything that the game has to offer. SEGA Sure enough, this game resembled the kind of old-school shooting games that I had enjoyed so much over my gaming career, so I knew I had to pick up. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. You don't take control of the ship in full and where it goes, although you can direct yourself down different paths of the corridor. Always the mouth. Xyanide Resurrection is a shoot 'em up video game developed by Playlogic Entertainment and published by Playlogic and Ertain for the PC Windows, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable in 2007–2008 in Europe and Japan.