He shows little personality other than an extreme bloodlust and a singular drive to conquer the universe. Truffles appears to be a silent character. The two fighters gained a healthy respect for each other’s fighting ability and personalities as well. Since 2409, Gingerbread Colony was repeatedly attacked by the Snowmen under their leader, the Snowman Baron.

During Dragon Ball Super, we got a solid arc featuring Goku Black, who is a much more of interesting and intense character than Turles could ever be. He is freed by the Kashvar, a race of powerful sorcerers, who used the demon god to rampage across planet Kontas. Baby is a character who had potential on paper but suffered from bad execution.

discord.gg/dbz, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. The idea for the Tsufuru-jin never appear at any point in the manga, as very little of the backstory of planet Vegeta is ever mentioned (with all of what is mentioned being related to the Saiya-jin specficially). In the anime idk about the Manga. However, we've chosen not to include Bardock, who is unique in that he is the only character to ever go from non-canon to canon officially. Myuu is practically a copy and paste of Gero with different colors. Truffles is in all dimensions as he is a canon Happy Tree Friends character. Of course, since the rest of the cast is always evolving and getting stronger, many the potential transplants would need a serious upgrade in power, but the writers have gotten through more difficult problems than this. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. However, Frieza is currently in an interesting place in the canon, having just proven to be a loyal member of the Z team in the Tournament of Power. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Omega Shenron is the final form of Syn Shenron after swallowing 7 dragon balls. Fans know this is a laughable concept because. They had a plot appearance in the OVA Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans. As a member of the evil race of Makyans, he carries a lifelong grudge and the mean streak that gives him the motivation to be as evil as possible. Questions regarding canon and tuffles. He is rarely seen talking to others, but he doesn't seem to be hostile or angry. Like all of the other shadow dragons, Omega is born out of pure negative energy that had built up inside the dragon balls after so many wishes throughout the series. ... herbs, truffles, and licorice, along with hints of plum. Slug is a Super Namekian, which means he’s strong but that’s only relative to the rest of his race. Tsufruians are so forgetable but I like the idea of them being tiny and Saiyans already being giants compared to them. Truffles is in all dimensions as he is a canon Happy Tree Friends character. The characters are official, but they're not canonical to the manga, if that is what you're asking. This is proven by the fact that all who work in the company and many big and intimidating characters sort of fear her. It takes Goku everything he has to defeat him with the Dragon Fist. What do you think? HTF Dimensions info Edit. As an evil Namekian, he wants to be young and immortal through a Dragon Ball wish, and wants to take over and rule the world. Sound off in the comments! More can be read about this particular contribution can be read here. The new Super series had a new young Saiyan from universe 6 named Cabba, who can fill the role of a young Saiyan much better. As the main antagonist of the lackluster Tree of Might movie, Turles is the very definition of a derivative character.

The heroes have long ago surpassed his power and there really wouldn’t be a viable way to bring him back besides a dragon ball wish, and the only person who might do that-- Konchin-- is deceased. Their bodies are small, but knowledge-wise they have a comparatively advanced culture and civilization. Even though GT wasn’t the best series overall, the concept of the overuse of the dragon balls manifesting a serious threat to the heroes is a good one. Janemba and his powers are just a little too weird to be featured regularly in Dragon Ball. Frieza would be better suited taking on a new challenge if he is to become a hero. In the HTF Dimensions world he makes more appearances with a bigger role however he also still is a background character in alot of episode or as he has called himself a "Video Bomber". The idea of the last Truffle coming back for revenge is a good one, but having him be a whiny... baby, and more or less copying Cell, was a poor choices that ruined what could have been a great character. In base for, he can shatter the Earth in half. Oh, and he’s also immortal. Namekians are not top tier fighters and will never be able to outclass a Saiyan. Tarble is the estranged youngest son of King Vegeta and younger brother of Vegeta himself, and is probably the most unimpressive Saiyan we’ve seen. Baby is unlikable as a villain, and not in the way that villains are supposed to be. Then they appeared in GT. That’s because it’s basically a rehash of the King Piccolo storyline way back in the original, Slug is a Super Namekian, which means he’s strong but that’s only relative to the rest of his race.

He is originally a statue of a demon god, and ancient being who was sealed away by Tapion’s family’s ancestors and turned to stone.

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Whiletechnically not a main character, it was speculated he may have larger roles in future episodes due to his many cameo appearances (although this theory was debunked in 2016; and that he would remain a cameo so as to honor the spirit of Vote or Die)1. With that said, here are the 8 Non-Canon Dragon Ball ... Baby is the first big villain of GT and the last of a race called Tuffles, who the Saiyans wiped out years back. If they ever needed to again, Goku and Vegeta could fuse just about anytime they wanted as long as they do the motions correctly.

All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Though many of these have been considered "what if" scenarios, fans have still debated how viable the various fighters from these non-canon events would stack up against the established heroes from the main storyline.

movie, where he is able to buy Goku and Vegeta enough time to fuse and defeat the powerful Janemba. In addition to his selfless character, Tapion is a very solid fighter. While some should be added to canon, others should be ignored. Wheelo is the main antagonist of the second Z movie, The World’s Strongest. Baby is unlikable as a villain, and not in the way that villains are supposed to be. Regardless, it’s the type of fusion that would make the difference in canon. He can also trap whoever gets stuck inside it forever. I don't recall any canon mention of it outside of GT or movies though.

He’s a deserter of the Saiyan Army, forming his own band of fighters who one day plans to overthrow Frieza and take over himself. https://htfdimensions.fandom.com/wiki/Truffles?oldid=5757. He could use some improvement, but can work in a new series if done right. Frieza’s big brother is a lot like him but without any of the negative traits, like being an egomaniac and underestimating opponents, which makes him potentially more dangerous. The addition of Kale in Dragon Ball Super seems to fill the void of a Broly-esque character nicely and puts a fresh spin on an old favorite. When powered up after absorption, he is strong enough to fend of attacks from SS Goku, Trunks, and Vegeta with no difficulty -- even Trunks’ sword  shatters to piece upon hitting him. wasn’t the best series overall, the concept of the overuse of the dragon balls manifesting a serious threat to the heroes is a good one. However, his loyal assistant Dr. Konchin managed to save his brain. If Hirudegarn were to return, it wouldn’t be hard to fit him into the canon storyline if he were to be used by another powerful character. He and his brother were once faced with an extremely powerful villain named Hirudegarn who could destroy their planet.