Suite 2: Sarabande 11. I do wish that Mr. Sellman had also provided a version of the fifth suite using a scordatura equivalent to that of Bach's original, tuning the mandolin E strings down to D. I am trying to do that for myself and must admit the effort does mess with your mind and get a bit confusing. In the Prelude to the sixth suite, the ninth eighth note in measure 103 should be an A natural which can be played as the open A string. FREE Delivery on book orders dispatched by Amazon over £10.00 . I submit for your perusal, critiques, and perhaps even enjoyment, what I have so far in my 2020 new year’s resolution: to record the complete Bach Cello Suites on mandolin, publishing each next movement roughly every week. check out the. J. S. Bach The Cello Suites for Mandolin is a new self-publication by author Daniel Sellman following up his recent J. S. Bach Sonatas and Partitas for Mandolin. Before purchasing, I would need a way to hear the pieces. Bandcamp New & Notable Apr 24, 2014, Sweet Moments of Confusionby Sweet Moments of Confusion, Bandcamp Daily  your guide to the world of Bandcamp, Essential Releases: New York Funk, Anarcho Punk, Synthwave and More, Essential Releases: Frog-Inspired Metal, Cosmic Synth Music, Hip-Hop and More, cktrl talks about heartbreak and his new record 'Robyn'.

J.S. 9 new tracks from the virtuoso percussive strumming duo, originally from Mexico - now based in Ireland. Suite 3: Prelude 14. Suite 2: Minuets 12. instrumentalists in the business” by Sing Out! Absolutely wonderful on mandocello.

Suite 1: Prelude 2. "Flow, river flow. YOU MUST BE LOGGED IN to your Mandolin Cafe forum account to comment.

J.S. I plan to get this book if it is still available. Should be here Thursday. Thanks for doing this. That is improving, though--we had 25 in the orchestra at the last CMSA.

The Australian pianist offers a meditative collective of gentle instrumental compositions meant to soothe a fraying world.

What I like about them on mandocello is the ability to chord certain sections using all 4 strings, whereas on cello you only get 2 at a time, unless you have the ability to bow into 3 strings and keep decent tone. mandolinfox, since you obviously read, you can get the all manner of classical music at

I have been slowly working my way through these and enjoying the experience very much.

"I know that many mandolin players are not able to read standard notation, but I don't believe that should exclude them from accessing this amazing music.". Bandcamp New & Notable Aug 13, 2020, Members of punk act reassemble to make atmospheric and gutsy bluegrass songs about barbeque and whiskey. And I was struck by the beauty of the sound, the harpsicord-like serenity - and was "hooked" from then on. Suite 1: Minuets 6. I can only think that this mistake in the transcription occurred due to it's being exactly at the point where there is a change in clef sign in the cello version. When John Williams recorded all four lute suites on classical guitar it was a defining moment as far as establishing the guitar as a serious legitimate instrument. Keep up the momentum.

My teacher recommends getting a roll of draughting tape, which I imagine is not very sticky as it is supposed to be removeable from paper, and covering up the tab with that. Your local library should have at least one recording. I'm trying to find some help with the tuning...playing through this book in standard GDAE on the mando, these sound nothing like the cello recordings I'm using as reference. I also feel I must point out the one mistake that I have found. J. S. Bach The Cello Suites for Mandolin in standard notation and tablature.

I'd love to hear how you handled that.

Nice to be able to just use the cello sheets.