Stylish and an awesome kitchenware. Mocubo is one of the most significant cutting board woodworking projects.

Domestic users will find that owning a professional product like this to have unique advantages. There is a lot of information available on the internet about this cutting board. We tend to surround ourselves with all sorts of gadgets but the ancient, classic utensils will always have a prior place in your kitchens. So, if you already have your eye on it, you will need a few supplies, like a wood cutting board, wood-burning pen, graphite transfer paper, and painter’s tape. It's in great condition but you might want to sand it down a little so it's a little more smooth and easy. It all begins with a piece of lumber, which is to be rough cut and polished before further use. Most of the time we are confronted with the issue of limited storage space, reason for which multipurpose items are required in the kitchen. Although in the beginning the board might have been made from the most rudimentary piece of stone or wood, today designs have been refined and the piece itself has become an icon, a simple beauty serving multiple purposes in the food making and serving process.We have selected a small collection of cutting boards designs.

6. Disclaimer | This article may contain affiliate links, this means that at no cost to you, we may receive a small commission for qualifying purchases. The project itself is very affordable to take on and isn’t a time-spender either.

It consists of a specific extra space to carry the vegetables. You can easily carry this for cooking a friends place. By signing up, I agree to the Terms & to receive emails from the “Rachael Ray” show. Using this technique to make it means you’ll get a piece of solid woodcraft. Cutting Board DIY | The Way of the Woodshop Author Aleksandra Zee. Then, complete the entire process, and in no time, you’ll create a beautiful and cheeky cutting board! Here a cutting board with a delicate copper finish is used as a cheese board as well. After deciding on a wood pattern, play around and assemble your pieces as desired. A traditional home vibe always comes highly recommended. Find It Here #24 U.S One Dollar Bill Cutting Board. If you care to make it, you’ll need a variety of supplies, like a raw hardwood plank, a jigsaw, an orbital sander, mineral oil, rags, and some scissors and a pencil. Initially, cut a large wood plank into a cutting board shape you prefer. Next time you’re in your workshop, look around for those pieces of scrap wood lying around that you can use. Choose the lumber. "[Woodworking] is accessible for anybody," Aleksandra says. Cutting, sanding and gluing the wood is part of the process, but the project is simple enough for anyone to try. The end grain cutting boards had all the required specifications. 1. A forum that is favorite to me due to woodworking that started up as a substitute to many other website. Not all DIY projects are meant to be complicated! Use your letter cutouts and your burning tool to create ‘board purpose’ words, such as ‘meat,’ ‘fruit’ and more. One of the best wood choices for burning art is basswood (via Most Craft). Smooth out the imperfections and rough cut lines. If you are up for it, let us introduce you two properly. The dimensions of this item are very user friendly. Creating this concept is also easy to achieve. Go for simplistic, minimal and cheerful designs, which will certainly make your cutting board ultra-fancy!

4. Vaughn’s a veteran yet still approachable moderator ever at woodworking that is family related. If you are undecided between wood and marble, why not choose both in a 3 to 1 proportion. Old Wood Projects. The baguette bread slicer cutting board is looking pretty beautiful. For this idea, you will need bamboo cutting boards, a wood burning tool, letter wood stamps, pliers and a metal bowl. Invest in a Raised Cutting Board with Cutout, 6. personalize your cutting boards with funny messages, 7. a puzzle cutting board that can serve multiple purposes, 8.