Employees still like working for Microsoft, with 93% saying they feel proud to work for the company. Need to fix the printer on the third floor? One big driver of employee satisfaction is learning opportunities. Frustrated? The benefits? Week after week. Adjust the lighting? The employee reviews data used for this analysis was downloaded from the Kaggle Datasets and it was sourced from Glassdoor — a website where current and former employees anonymously review companies and their management. The integration into the Microsoft Teams channels is seamless so that switching between chats and apps as you manage your tasks let you focus and deliver your work on time. Companies on Officevibe enjoy survey completion rates up to 330% higher than the average. Work efficiently and keep your tasks organized with Workstreams. Yes, really.--Our survey questions are simple, fresh and engaging. Needless to say, Microsoft’s Carbon Fee Program has been wildly successful thus far thanks to stellar employee engagement. Week … Access to graphs and charts let you visualize stats in a snapshot and generate reports of daily karma activity to see where and how recognition happens within the organization. Over the last three years, employee income satisfaction in Microsoft has been on a consistent decline. Moreover, another addition to your Teams channel is a simple Q & A and polling platform for meetings, conferences and events. In-depth and powerful insights to improve collaboration and performance. It’s also free, offering free training on Office 365 and Teams. Boosted by the power of AI, AtBot is one of the Microsoft Teams apps that lets you build, train, tailor and deploy bots from scratch for HR and customer service-related tasks, without the need to know code. For the question “I have the tools and resources I need to deliver excellent service to my customers” only 68% answered positively: In terms of these low score questions, it shows over a third of Microsoft’s employees are unsatisfied with aspects of the company. https://106c4.wpc.azureedge.net/80106C4/Gallery-Prod/cdn/2015-02-24/prod20161101-microsoft-windowsazure-gallery/officevibeinc.officevibe-employeesatisfaction.1.0.1/Icon/Large.png, https://gallery.azure.com/artifact/20161101/officevibeinc.officevibe-employeesatisfaction.1.0.1/Artifacts/SampleImage/6270412b-244c-48ee-8e63-b046206ee4b2.png, https://gallery.azure.com/artifact/20161101/officevibeinc.officevibe-employeesatisfaction.1.0.1/Artifacts/SampleImage/ceaed25a-b4b4-4bd9-912a-097f5916a182.png, https://gallery.azure.com/artifact/20161101/officevibeinc.officevibe-employeesatisfaction.1.0.1/Artifacts/SampleImage/acad2526-0606-4eff-a2e7-c5a487af749b.png, https://gallery.azure.com/artifact/20161101/officevibeinc.officevibe-employeesatisfaction.1.0.1/Artifacts/SampleImage/c96a5b74-69a0-4ed7-a571-fb4bfa7cb445.png, https://gallery.azure.com/artifact/20161101/officevibeinc.officevibe-employeesatisfaction.1.0.1/Artifacts/SampleImage/9d040ef2-5964-4029-a468-37941d39704b.png. Rather than a traditional hierarchical system with strict functions, roles and positions, SkillerBee allows you to compete in a modern world as it prefers a fluid, bottom-up management approach by relying on skills and data to rethink and redefine work distribution. Luke has been writing about all things tech for more than five years. The integration enhances the video meeting experience by capturing questions and crowdsourcing them. Surveys conducted internally by the company are published each year. How do we know if employees are satisfied at work? Everyone can understand our reports which make it easy to share and build action plans. Poll your employees every week, at the right time to maximize the value of each answer. As a result, it is especially useful for a big meeting or a conference hosting a large number of participants because it allows them to be involved without interrupting the flow of the event. Still, many areas enjoyed significant growth year-on-year. In terms of salary happiness, it seems to. Officevibe is the all-in-one employee satisfaction & surveys software. Set, define and quantify goals, for your projects, teams and employees, set up key metrics like KPIs, sales, customer satisfaction, soft skills, education, billings, productivity or error rate as criteria to measure your leadership methods, monitor progress and evaluate staff. Under CEO Satya Nadella stewardship the company has garnered consistent growth from a cloud-first approach. Have peers cheer each other up and give positive feedback for a job well done, earn karma points and karma coins and redeem them for a selected reward. Furthermore, Vacation Tracker is practical for remote teams or international. Companies on Officevibe enjoy survey completion rates up to 330% higher than the average. Even uploading large videos as attachment is now possible. After all, Microsoft was one of the biggest makers of email and calendar software — programs that produce a “digital exhaust” of metadata about how employees use their time. With Vacation Tracker, you can keep a log of days off, whether planned or unplanned. One way to increase employee satisfaction is to improve the physical environment of their workplace. Increase the temperature? This Microsoft Teams app forces a complete overhaul to your organization in terms of function, process and productivity. Happy? It operates as a simple ticket system to support your staff with all things office related.