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But I bet they look lovely in the end!

Ashley, I'm so happy to see this as I've been trying to convince my husband to do this for months now. Draw how you wish to enclose the stairs from the side. And you are so luck to have nice wood as well! Being 95% sure we had the same thing underneath our carpet, I convinced my husband to rip a little of the carpet up, and sure enough! Apply about two coats of stain to the stairs and then protect them with three or four coats of a durable urethane product. !

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I've Thank you for telling about all your mistakes so I hope that we won`t make them. After you take the time to refinish your stairs, it’s important to maintain them regularly. Cooking with Curls,

Oh man!! You are very inspiring. Cons: Because it’s thinner than the basement, it’s not as comfortable to walk on. So glad you're sharing the nitty gritty details!

by Stacy

Paint or stain the stairs and let them dry before you work on the railings. Install baseboard materials, wood trim and crown molding in a basement area to match the finished stairs. The lumber alone for the job will cost a couple hundred, but the labor for the task could cost anywhere from $300 up through $1200 or more to get the new stairs put in depending on complexity and size.

It’s also very affordable and simple to replace when the time is right. !

Stay tuned...we learned a lot and I want to share everything with you so you have an easier time then we did We totally made a few rookie mistakes.

But it actually is an easy process! They were designed for shorter people with smaller feet, so they’re often uncomfortable for people of today’s standards. …. Nominal 10-in.

Plan the stair width so that the mitered stringer overhangs the wall enough for drywall to slide behind it. Step 3: Paint faux baseboard desired color (we matched ours to the stairs).

Simply Designing with Ashley Phipps LLC and it’s owner, employees and affiliates are not liable in any way for injury or loss (whether physical, emotional, monetary or any other kind of loss) resulting from any inspiration, ideas, directions or information gained from this website. Here’s what you need to know about refinishing or replacing your basement stairs, including costs, different style methods, and how to keep up with maintenance. Rough stairs descending into a basement can look much better by finishing them.

If they’re in excellent shape, you can just refinish your stairs as long as you like the original layout of the stairs. We ripped out the carpet on our stairs about a year ago planning to do the same thing but we sort of "forgot" about it after that and just left it bare. :):), Oh thank you so much Kirsten! I first square-cut the risers about an inch oversize. We had beautiful pine, rounded treads! You can build a living area that is somewhat casual in the basement, but you don't want the steps coming down to look inferior to the room space. Many areas of our home are upgraded very nicely, but our carpet was not one of them. The rounded, tapering mortises in the housed stringer seemed to be made by sorcery, or at least by expensive, specialized machines. This simple $132 aluminum jig was an epiphany, and I bought one the next day.

Install baseboard material at the bottom of the sides of the stairs. These are open on one side and butt up against the wall on the other. stock is plenty strong for the housed stringer, but I use 5/4×12 for the mitered stringer. Buy or build stained wooden furniture pieces to match for a complete designer look. Just get up a tiny corner and you'll know if it is good or if the wood will have to be replaced!!

I can't wait to send. I participate in the link parties found here. "I have learned so much thanks to the searchable articles on the FHB website.

We advise you to always follow manufacturer instructions, take appropriate safety precautions and hire a professional when in doubt.

Thank you so much for the feature Mandy!!! Later, homeowners are faced with redoing them to give them a more upscale appearance.

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Synopsis: A carpenter details construction of a set of stairs that includes a housed stringer on one side and an open, mitered stringer on the other side. usa), Cutting the riser at 45 degrees at the corner. You are so lucky! I just ripped out some hideous berber carpet on our stairs. Get home building tips, offers, and expert advice in your inbox.

See more ideas about stairs skirting, stairs, staircase. Today, we’re talking about how to paint stairs. Oh gosh...I totally understand! Along with every single mess-up we did.

How to Build Outdoor Wood Steps. Find out about the costs, labor, and pros and cons of different ways you can finish your basement stairs. Install Tiles on the Risers.

what a huge project, it looks so nice!

Stain it to match tread and tack it on flush with the top of the tread with glue and a brad nail gun. So after hours of sanding, and buying a second electric sander so we could both work on sanding at the same time, and a LOT of sandpaper, we finally got our stairs sanded, de-painted and prep-ed for the next step in refinishing our stairs.

In fact they are far less slippery as wood then they were with carpet. , Oh thank you so much!! The trick is being sure to get all of the staples out that kept the carpet and pad down. For example, you can use a nice, wooden stringer to fit over the rough lumber in place. You don't want to cut balusters or treads with saws only to find they don't fit. Our stairs are straight up like yours with no landing...
Yours looks great! I was thinking of returning the base into the wall, and bringing the thick stair skirt up to the square part of the base somewhere (between the light gray and light green lines. This means that the end of the front riser will need to be cut at 45 degrees, as well as the side part of your riser. We used Wood filler but I am worried it will show with the stain... You can get wood filler that is stainable and you don't notice it as much. As soon as we knew we had nice wood under the carpet we ripped the carpet and padding up and began our journey to re-doing our stairs! The hardwood used to construct the stairs was beautiful. Judi Light Hopson is a national stress management expert and psychology issues writer. I can confidently say that I expect to be a life-long subscriber." You can apply a carpet, use a carpet runner, overlay the treads with vinyl, or rely on paint or stain to give the stairs a new look. I love the way it turned out, but it was ten times more work and money than I expected! We knew we needed to do something. So did my daughter. This mixture gives you a classy natural look and the color that you want. It does wear out over time, but you’ll get many years of quality performance out of your stairs before you have to consider applying a new layer of paint. When all the carpet was ripped off of the stairs and all of the staples were taken out, we ran into our first (of many) snafus. Like your stairs, the wood underneath was still good as well, we haven't sanded or stained yet, Oh I'm so glad this will be of use for you!

After all the stairs are in place, wait for the glue to dry and lightly sands and cleans the stairs with a broom and a shop vac. Create a staircase that is no fancier than the room it will serve in the basement area, because staircase accessories for enclosing steps run into hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

I usually make the risers from 1×10 or 1×8 stock, depending on which generates the least scrap. If you need to replace your stairs or the treads of your stairs, you’re looking at a much higher bill. It is tedious but not a hard process, just use a pair of pliers and start ripping the staples out. For more photos, drawings, and details, click the View PDF button below: Sign up for eletters today and get the latest how-to from Fine Homebuilding, plus special offers.

Use Modernize’s educational content to negotiate pricing, explore financing, and prepare your home for installation day. I'm, I can't wait to see the rest of this! Finally apply a stain and polyurethane finish. And thanks for stopping by! This is especially true for the basement stairs. The treads were a nice yellow pine with rounded fronts.

A latex floor paint is durable and will hold out through long periods of use. Talk with sales persons about how to buy what you need to enclose the stairs but stay within your budget. That makes the process a lot easier and a lot cheaper!

Good luck! Step 4: Paint shoe molding and chair rail the same color as faux baseboard. So stay tuned as I share our failures and our successes on our road to re-doing our stairs!