'&m='+m:'';e.async=!0;e.src='https://www.paypal.com/tagmanager/pptm.js?id='+s+d;f.parentNode.insertBefore(e,f);})(window,document,'script','paypalDDL','4f867f81-11c0-4acd-9f82-104b25788ccb'). A commercial gas deep fryer is perfect for any high-volume diner, cafeteria, or quick service restaurant. Robertshaw Series 7000 Valves LLG, M-35, M-40GM, (And Others) Dean Fryer 13-3/4" Wire Style Basket Hanger 1/4" MPT x 2-1/8" Long, Drilled To #53 3/8" x 3-1/2" Bulb, 36" Capillary Enter your 10-digit phone number below to be sent a code for special pricing. The term "basket racks" can refer to either an apparatus that holds fry baskets when not in use or a wire frame that supports the baskets while food is frying. NRE # 051429 --- Price Per Pilot = US$37.80, Dean Fryer Natural Gas Pressure Regulator (2EA) Labels (4EA) Orifices Dean LP Gas Regulator Preset At Factory to 8.0 A commercial gas deep fryer expands your sports bar or restaurant offering. This part needs to be replaced if there are any sparks in the connecter or the posts. If belts are worn or stretched they need to be replaced to avoid potential damage to the unit. Atosa Deep Fryer, 40 lb, 3 Burners, Natural Gas - ATFS-40-NG. For Dean Fryer Models: SM35GM, SR62 (And Others) 1/4" x 1.37" Comes With LP And Natural Pilot Orifices This part can be difficult to push onto the post when new. … As with most other accessories, casters should only be used with compatible fryers. Each product has a unique model number just like your car. Dean Coaxial Style (Screw In) Fryer Thermopile Dean Natural To LP Gas Conversion Kit Dean Fryer Basket Hanger Thumb Screw Buy Now. (1) Gas Valve Conversion Kit 2-1/4" Dial, Mount .187", Flat Up Temprature Range: Off-400-200 KaTom carries a variety of deep fryer parts that help prevent certain safety hazards. Copyright 2001-2020 All Rights Reserved worldwide 1/4" MPT Stuffing Box, Flat Down, Mount 1 (2EA) Labels Dean # 810-2794 NRE # 090522 --- Price Per Fryer Basket = US$18.83, Dean 13-3/4" Wire Style Basket Hanger Temperature Range: 200 - 400 Degrees F To replace it you would need a Screwdriver and a Tool to remove the old O-Ring. Learn to replace the burners on your Char-Broil grill in a matter of minutes. NRE # 030665 --- Price Per LP Gas Regulator = US$40.96, Dean Fryer Nat Gas Safety Valve Regulator Receive money-saving advice and special discounts! Used gas: Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). MJCFE, MJCFEC, (And Others) Dean MV Type, Natural Gas Millivolt Safety Control Valve Dean Reference # 817-0099 For Dean Fryer Model: SR38G (And Others) For Dean Fryer Series: SR52, SM50, (Including SM150) Dean Reference # 826-2021 Receive exclusive savings on your favorite brands. NRE # 033411 --- Price Per Temprature Sensor Probe = US$722.98, Dean Fryer Gas Valve Knob (1EA) Honeywell Gas Valve Conversion Kit For Dean Fryer Models: 11E, 11G, 14E, 14G, 32G, 714G, If your fryer is built to accept only one type of fuel, you'll need a conversion kit to make use of the other. HACCP Guideline On Dial NRE # 031002 --- Price Per LP Pilot Safety Valve = US$239.30, Dean 36" Coaxial Style (Screw In) Fryer Thermopile Dean Fryer RX Type Operating Thermostat Dean Fryer Natural Or LP Gas Pilot 750 Millivolt Armored Thermopile (4EA) Orifices ;(function(a,t,o,m,s){a[m]=a[m]||[];a[m].push({t:new Date().getTime(),event:'snippetRun'});var f=t.getElementsByTagName(o)[0],e=t.createElement(o),d=m!=='paypalDDL'? (1ea Appliance Regulator) Dean Fryer Natural To LP Gas Conversion Kit 3/8" x 5" Bulb, 36" Capillary 1212G, 1212GM, 1414CMS, 1414E, 1414G, 1818E, 1818G, NRE # 051306 --- Price Per Basket Hanger = US$118.66, 1/4" x 1.37" Thumb Screw For Fryer Basket Hanger NRE 033429 --- Price Per Kit = US$149.60, Dean Fryer LP To Natural Gas Conversion Kit Dean Fryer LP To Natural Gas Conversion Kit Dean Reference # 810-2059 A mobile fryer also aids in cleaning the kitchen, as staff can access the space behind the fryer. Kit Contains: Spring, Black Cap And Black Adjustment Screw (2EA) Pilot Orifices *****KIT CONTAINS***** No safety equipment provides complete protection – caution is the most effective way to keep operators safe – but these tools can help. For Dean Fryer Model: 1414ET (And Others) Dean Fryer LP Gas Burner Orifice Blue Seal Vee-Ray GT45 gas deep fryer. For Dean Fryer Series: SR42, SR52, SR62 Manufacturer # 6CH-142 We were unable to add your email to our mailing list. (1EA) 3/4" Pipe Appliance Regulator KaTom carries a selection of deep fryer accessories intended to expand your fryer's capabilities and make various aspects of the frying process more convenient. Dean LP to Nat Gas Conversion Kit LOCAL PICKUP, Serving Rocky Mount , NC 27804, Why do we need your model number? Model 7000 BMVR, 1/2" FPT In x 3/4" FPT Out 1" x 10" Dean Fryer Drain Nipple Dean 13-1/4"x 6-1/2"x 5-7/8" Deep Fry Basket